Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven

That’s been a major issue for at least a decade though.
Yeah It’s not a new thing. You only need to look back to 2010 when Kylie had her last solo top 10 All The Lovers and she was what, 42? Before that Madonna was having hits in her late 40s then before that Cher, Tina Turner and Diana Ross were having top 10s in their 50s regularly. It’s such a shame and is only getting worse. Before we know it our faves will be deemed past it at 25. Dua better hurry up with her new album…
What’s even more bizarre is that they will release four more songs from the album next Friday, which does not make any sense especially with the drip feeding of previous four singles on Wednesdays…
Oh? I had no idea she was releasing 4 songs this week? What’s the point of holding back the album then for another week? I hope if she continues to release music that it’s not through her current label because I feel like this album and last albums have suffered from bizarre release strategies??
he / him
My excitement for this album is dead. I can't even see myself playing it much once it's out now I've rinsed everything that came out already.
I saw it’s also been playlisted on Capital, her first solo song since….what, Sixteen? Was that even playlisted?
Pretty sure sixteen was playlisted on the radio, at least radio 1, and that was probably her last single that got played by radio a lot? So it’s really good to see that the radio is willing to play a solo song of hers from the album!
The 4 songs tomorrow really makes no sense when it leaves just 3 songs from the standard edition new for release day. It’s like with all the delays and mistakes with this campaign they’ve gone “what final thing can we do to really kill it 1 week before release”
Surely that's not actually happening ddd. I refuse to believe they could be that stupid. They'll literally need all the streaming points possible counting to week one, why would you spunk half of them a week beforehand? She's managed by Tap, how could they be that clueless?
Dd yeah I'm not sure why this has suddenly popped up again unless either Ellie or Rita's team are pushing it to the papers. We've been talking about artists ageing out of Radio 1 for years and it's why so many of our faves are concentrating on Radio 2 and elsewhere now.
Maybe Ellie's next hit feature can be with evergreen, youth-relevant Radio 1 darlings Foo Fighters (average age: 55).

Decent sized tour and venues I think, to test the waters. And more than we were expecting.
Also church version of Miracle is confirmed for release tomorrow.
Still not seen anything official about any HTH tracks released tomorrow.