Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven

The snippet sounds brilliant. Even though it's an older track, it seems like it will fit in with the rest of the electro pop and dance sound of the new record.
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Found what the cover remind me of
[Robot TikTok female voice]

‘Watch me try the “bet you can’t resist listening to the greatest song ever recorded challenge”’

[Easy Lover starts playing as Ellie covers her eyes, obviously failing the challenge as the epic new single artwork appears on screen, doing some sick 360 rotations and zoom ins]

[Robot TikTok female voice]

‘Omg. I’m so embarrassed. Pre-save this song so you can fail the challenge too.’ [Ellie dabs]
Just heard this for the first time and I genuinely think this could be a SMA$H for her.

The chorus is an instant earworm, the first verse and its pre-chorus are bliss, and the ad-libs before Big Sean's, surprisingly good, verse are a delight. However, I wish they used the pre-chorus from the first verse for the final one too.

Hoping for a good NMF placement, which would be ideal as she's been doing loads of radio rounds today ahead of tomorrow morning's premiere on Capital etc.
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I agree. Well, I don't see it being a hit but it's a great song that should start this campaign off on the right foot. Her adlibs on Sean's verse are gorgeous and he fits the song well. It's giving Brightest Blue (title track) but make it dark disco.