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Ellie Goulding - "Like A Saviour" + Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. Her photographer posted a pic of her on a recent video set.

    Give us that disco SG Lewis collab before Summer Elena!
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  2. So she’s on Tourist’s Avalanche track that was just released that I mentioned before. It’s not too dissimilar to Four Tet’s Baby with it being a couple of lyrics and various vocal manipulations.
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  3. Screaming at the so-called secret event being an ad tie in with Hilton Hotels!

    I genuinely thought it was an evening to preview new music ddd
  4. Where is the song, Elena Jane?
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  5. 2 new songs got registered, seems like the new era is about to kick off.

  6. Let It Die is a Delerium bonus track. Would she really have 2 songs with the same name? Either way I can’t wait for more music from her.
  7. Kylie has "Love at First Sight." Madonna has "Forbidden Love." There are stranger things.
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  8. Yes, the credits are all different.
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  9. I just decided to relisten to Delirium again today (well about half of it, so an album's worth), and I was loving it on this spring day. It's literally the most mid-10s thing to ever exist, so maybe it's just my nostalgia talking.
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  10. Lost & Found deserved so much better. 11 / 10.
  11. Is this going to be a smooth campaign or is it going to be two years of absolute fuckery before we finally get the album like the last one?
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. You and I both know the answer to this. Elena loves the fuckery.
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  14. Looks like the teasing has begun:

    Also, it's pretty much confirmed the lead single will indeed be called Let It Die!
  15. This thread after a 36 month album campaign, in which she eventually leaves the best single off the main album (like cough Sixteen cough)
  16. Apparently the lead single is going to be a roughly 5 year old previously scrapped song called “Easy Lover” and will have a feat on there?
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  17. Roughly five year old and with a feature? It's giving EG.1.
  18. Phil stays inspiring

  19. Stream this bop. Buy it. Gift it.
  20. Yes, apparently. This was first ready to be released with Calvin Harris production, then handed over to Kurstin who reworked it and apparently cancelled last minute from Brightest Blue.
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