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Ellie Goulding - "Like A Saviour" + Higher Than Heaven (Mar 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dynamo, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. I can't wait for the inevitable mess of this campaign, but also for some basic bops. Bring it on, Elena!
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  2. Apparently, the album is done and the cover has been shot, whereas when Close To Me was released Brightest Blue was very much still in the works (which begs the question of why they released it). Maybe I'm being too optimistic but if Easy Lover doesn't completely flop maybe things will run a bit faster and smoother this time around.
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  3. That's a significant IF.
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  4. I hope we get some more passive aggressive catfights with her fans again. ‘ISSA BOP’ ‘No it isn’t’ still lives in my mind rent free.
  5. Yes, I do have the same hopes. Pretty sure the album will be released this year.
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  6. Two songs called ‘Real Love’ and ‘Tainted Memories’ have leaked, both outtakes from the new album apparently.
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  7. Ellie’s teasing something for this week, but not the new music.
    Probably be a sped up remix of Lights which is having its moment on TikTok (apparently).
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  8. [​IMG]

    Such a dumb timeline. Does make me nostalgic to see that font again, though.
  9. Ah remember that time when she almost got #1 in the US with Lights? Good times!
  10. These sped up mixes are just...I hate it here.
  11. This sounds promising. Please be good.
  12. I’m keeping my expectations below the floor. I decided to revisit Brightest Blue last week since I’d literally memory holed it and…I now see why. Diabolical.
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  13. This sounds like it could be kind of…epic? That synth melody is already very catchy.
  14. Oh maybe I’m perched.
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  15. An actually decent teaser?! Truly looks to be the most creative thing she’s done on one or her own releases since probably Anything Could Happen. Almost makes the chipmunk remix forgivable.
  16. There’s something…unnerving…about that cover ddd.
  17. I’m so excited I could faint
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