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Ellie Goulding - ‘Sixteen’ and still no Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Sixteen absolutely slaps, what the fuck? And the same with Close to Me, her vocals are reminding me a lot of her debut album. It’s beautiful and reminding me why I used to genuinely stan before Delirium. Give me those almost faceless bops that I love, Ellie!
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  2. This is brilliant and hypnotic.
  3. 'Hollow Crown' might as well be my favourite song she has released this era, and it's not even for her own project...
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  4. It sounds just like all the other songs on that GoT soundtrack, complete with ominous but faceless production and heavy handed lyrics about going to battle. I'll stay bopping to Sixteen.
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  5. It makes me feel a little basic to say so, but ‘Hollow Crown’ fucking slaps and I love it. Her voice sounds so good on that stereotypical, cinematic production. So hypnotic!
  6. Close to Me is now at 255m Spotify streams and reached a new Hot 100 peak of #24 a couple of weeks back. It's still #29.

    Sixteen is top 80 on Spotify global with around 1m streams per day, which is decent but it'll need to start taking off a bit faster soon if it's gonna be a hit.
  7. Sixteen is projected to rise to #31 on UK Top 40, and it is doing great on iTunes and Spotify.

    What are they waiting for to send it to US radios? (Even in the US, it still charts on Spotify!)
  8. Close to Me is still lingering here so maybe they don't wanna cut its (neverending) run short.
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  9. Ellie Goulding really is the slow burning hit queen in the States.
  10. Sixteen up to 31 in the UK and climbing Spotify steadily, should be good for top 20 at the very least...
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  11. But we need the audience to make the good songs a hit also!
  12. The payola checks for Close To Me ran her era's radio budget dry.
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  13. Sixteen and Close To Me are both great. I’m very interested to hear what this album sounds like when it’s eventually released.

    I did used to be a very big fan back in the day but she sort of lost me a bit as time went on, but I can see myself getting reinvested if she keeps putting out the bangers.

  14. The last chorus is pop gold. The whole instrumental is pop gold.
  15. What about announcing the album already, Elena?
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  16. This campaign has been so dead in the water. ‘Close to Me’ was a complete bop and ‘Sixteen’ has been opening itself up to me with those glorious piano stabs but... get on with it Ellerium.
  17. Sixteen sounds rather generic to me...
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