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Ellie Goulding - Still (No Album) Falling For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. The song is a decent bop. The production is stellar. It just needs a little more fleshing out, a post-chorus or punchier verses or something. Juice WRLD sounds way more comfortable and organic on this than Ellie does, which just makes me think a less contrived delivery would have done wonders.

    There's something really PC Music/SOPHIE/Charli circa Vroom Vroom, no? The ultra dewy skin, the super polished gold chain, the engorged lips. It all looks so hyper realistic and rubbery. Ellie's face is the front of shop etc. I'm... here for the aesthetic ddd.
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  2. I swear I can't stop thinking about this post
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  3. They basically replaced this song and changed the lyrics. So lazy.

  4. I know she makes herself an easy target, but let’s not forget Ms Elena is one of the very few UK alt pop gals that manage to rack up several hits and graduate to playing arenas in the States. Even “Close To Me” was a platinum seller. I trust her judgment and if it takes a couple GP pandering singles to release her classical opus then so be it.
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  5. She’s completely lost her identity and anything remotely unique she had going for her with ‘Lights’ and ‘Halcyon’. What a shame.
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  6. There's just.... nothing of creative merit or artistic value when it comes to her.
    There's no artistic identity to her.

    Which doesn't have to be bad. Not everything has to be deep, etc. but there's just... nothing to her as a person. Her entire presence in pop culture boils down to her wonderbread mild celebritydom and her enjoyment of fitness.
  7. 'Hate Me' is new at #103 in America.


    It's what she deserves.
  8. It makes me genuinely sad that there’s some bonus Halcyon tracks like Ritual and Without Your Love that I’ve preferred to almost all of her output over the last 5 or so years (Lost and Found excluded, obs). This trailer still gets me hype in a way nothing else she’s done since has:

    I don’t know what point I’m just meant to give up supporting and following her career and artistry since it hasn’t felt genuinely rewarding in a long time. I haven’t actually gone out of my way to listen to Hate Me since its launch week. The apathy is real.
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  9. I remember getting that super limited edition of "Halcyon" from discogs, still pretty expensive and without a bracelet, just to get those two bonus tracks... From that to literally not giving a shit about her... well done gal.
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  10. right now.

    Lights and Halcyon had a strong identity, plus great songs.
  11. I have yet to listen to "Hate Me" for a second time.
  12. I heard Hate Me today at a Thai restaurant.

    Still sounds faceless and belongs in the bin. She’s better than this.
  13. Ellie: hate me
    The Popjustice Forrem: ok
  14. Lost And Found deserved to be so much more than track 14 of a 22 song album. Sigh.
  15. I don't have time to hate Ellie. I'm too busy actively hating myself for letting this song ear worm it's way into my skull. I catch myself unconsciously bopping when it comes on the radio just like Close to Me even though I know they're both faceless garbage. HELLLLLP MEH.
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  16. I don’t even hate Ellie. It’s all passivity and indifference at this point, which might be worse, because hate would require me to actually feel something.
  17. Toss in a heaping tablespoon of frustration and that's where I am too.

  18. Video coming tomorrow.
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  19. I'm am already so sick of that god damn obnoxious "EG" chain. It's not cool or edgy Ellie, it's just your initials.

    Get an M-Dolla if you want it to work.
  20. It all looks very...reputation.
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