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Elton John & Britney Spears - "Hold Me Closer" + 2nd Collab Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. Will I say that this ugly ass cover is great and how it is a statement that shows Britney reclaiming her artistry?
    Yes, I Will!
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  2. This feels like a spiritual attack by not allowing one of the Britney stans to create the thread.
  3. All I hope is that she is fully involved and wants this released.
  4. I mean, she recorded the song last month, as a free woman - why wouldn't she want it released?

    Wonder if this is coming this week or the next.
  5. August 19th!
  6. Their voices will sound gross together and it will be Elton's fault.
  7. If they use Elton’s original vocals from many years ago it might be good. But if they are newly recorded vocals I don’t have high expectations for this.
  8. Honestly just happy to see Britney releasing music on her own accord.
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  9. Not the thread being centered around Elton and his lil albums!
  10. Even the original vocals on the Tiny Dancer chorus aren't good dd.
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  11. I don't want to be too harsh because we haven't even heard it yet and Cold Heart actually worked out pretty well all things considered, but until it's confirmed what era the Elton vocals are from I'm gonna hope for a solo Britney edit, official or otherwise. Sorry to this man.
  12. Madonna must be incensed that Elton got to this guaranteed #1 first.
  13. I'm sure he'll find a way to shoehorn her name into the press for this, he usually does!
  14. If Eltons vocals are from the good ol days then I think it will probably be a solid bop.

    I do think some fans need to temper expectations. I've seen a few things (not just here, but in general) regarding hopes for the songs success or Britney's singing voice and I just think its best to expect the expected. The song will perform moderately well in its first couple weeks and Britney will sing in her signature nasal baby voice. If it ends up a mega smash, awesome. I love to see it.
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  15. Of course they’ll be the old vocals.
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  16. Is this a PNAU production? I wouldn't typically check for Elton John but Good Morning to the Night and "Cold Heart" are both gorgeous.
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  17. What makes you say this? The vocals on the Madman Across The Water album are immaculate.
  18. No, Andrew Watt and Cirkut produced it apparently.
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  19. The way Britney now has an active thread in Pop & Justice and Comeback Corner. That's called range.
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