Elton John & Britney Spears - "Hold Me Closer" + 2nd Collab Album

I had only listened to the snippets, and I really like this! I hope it does well for them both. I’m terms of like Great Britney Spears Singles it’s not really scratching the surface, but it’s not her lead single so it’s all good. I’m glad we have it!
I didn’t listen to the leak, just the teaser posted by Elton all week. I’m glad I waited. This song feels like an extraordinary dream that I never want to wake up from. Britney deserves the world! All this newly gp support really warms my heart. The world is finally rooting for her and I love it.
I hope it grows on me but I don’t love this at first play and don’t feel like listening to it again after checking it out once. It’s fine but the vocal production is so ‘fuzzy’ that I can barely understand what they’re singing at times.

The verses are fantastic but the chorus is ultimately what cripples the song for me - especially the second high pitched “hold me closer!”. It also makes the intro quite grating.

I hate to compare it to Cold Heart but it was a much stronger song in general. Now I also can’t find the leak either but maybe it’s for the better as I won’t have anything better to compare it to.
Ok I was being overly dramatic here ddd I have had my coffee now! After I've replayed it several times while on a train with the sun shining outside this does have a lovely and dreamy quality to it. Both verses really are exceptional and her vocals play off Elton's really well in those parts; the second verse in particular feels so full of emotion and it's where Britney really shines.
Yeah the demo’s vocals were much better, objectively dddd the verses being dreamy and muffled is fine, but it had a wonderful effect when her vocals hit the chorus so clearly, like walking out of a mist into the clear.

The general feedback I’m seeing from “the GP” is they can barely hear them. Curious how well it will do in streaming.
I agree that the vocals are too muffled here. That may be the style they were going for but I enjoy hearing what an artist is singing.

That said, it’s still an enjoyable song overall! It’s nothing amazing (in my opinion) but it’s definitely nice to hear Britney again and it’s fun. I don’t think it’s better than Cold Heart with Dua nor do I think it’ll be as successful but I think it has the potential to be a hit nonetheless.