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Elton John & Britney Spears - "Hold Me Closer" + 2nd Collab Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. Ughhh if this goes top 10 in the US I will combust. Please do some promo or something.
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  2. How important is this chart in the UK?
  3. The photo is flipped. And just some bad editing on their part.
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  4. It's not. It only includes iTunes, Apple Music and airplay on the stations that play the show.

    HOWEVER, it'll ensure the song keeps getting played on radio throughout the week and it would have gotten a big audience reach tonight.
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  5. Top 10-20 right out the gate would be fantastic, but this definitely has legs. The nostalgia factor/her general public rooting for her return and it's just a simply harmless bop, it could have the legs for clubs, top 40 radio, etc. I'm excited for that inevitable #1 on the dance charts when remixes start servicing!
  6. Just an amusing thought.
    What if instead of Tiny Dancer that Britney sampled and did the song with, it was with Elton John's "The Bitch is Back"
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Down to #3 on UK Apple Music, keep streaming!
  9. The hook of the song lives rent free in my mind
  10. Britney and Elton are #1 on the OCC first look. This Sunday midweeks include streaming from Friday. (And sales from Friday and Saturday). Will probably fall during the week but fingers crossed!
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  11. Britney doing a tell all on her own YouTube page about the conservatorship, and she’s not holding back one bit:

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  12. My face is wet with tears.
    On a serious note, although she's touching on personal subjects she's mentioned previously, bravo to her for taking this route rather than the 00s sit down tell all style interview, it didn't work for her then!
  13. Oh Britney. She didn't owe us, the world anything about her experience but that revelation from 9 minutes is absolutely heartbreaking, those bastards.

    I truly hope she never has to go through anything like this again.
  14. After hearing those 22 minutes, "Alien" makes so much more sense and even sadder. So glad to hear her speak her truth and tear those assholes a new one.
  15. I re-uploaded the full statement, just in case this would happen.

    God bless Britney Jean Spears.
  16. It makes me cry.
  17. This is a good reminder of the fact that, despite the recent song release, she is still a person that is suffering greatly from the trauma caused by her tormentors.

    None of this should be disregarded or lose steam, and her family (as well as all the others like Lou Taylor) most certainly should be punished for it. Horrible, awful, evil creatures.
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  18. She’s got a new Twitter header image too
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