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Embedding Spotify Playlists

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Trouble in Paradise, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Okay, I'm admitting defeat. I promise I looked around the forum and even found some ideas but nothing is working right for me. How do I post my playlist nicely on PJ?

    I found this info:
    Copy this

    Replace usernameORidHERE with your Spotify username or ID (number)
    Replace playlistIDHERE with the Spotify playlist ID.

    But- at the expense of sounding like a technological grandpa- I don't know what my Spotify playlist ID is or how to find it?

    Thanks for all the help and understanding!
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  2. Congrats, you found the embed post!

    How to Embed Spotify Playlists on PJ
    Copy this part which is below Code.
    Replace usernameORidHERE with your Spotify username or ID (number)
    Replace playlistIDHERE with the Spotify playlist ID.

    What is your username of Spotify (or your usedID)? Fill that in at "usernameORidHERE"
    What is the link of your Spotify playlist you want to embed? Fill that in "playlistIDHERE"

    Link your playlist and I'll do it for ya!
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  3. The easiest way to find the playlist ID is on the Desktop App. Go to: Share > Copy Spotify URI

    Screen Recording 2020-09-24 at 5.53.28 PM.2020-09-24 17_55_19.gif

    So, for instance, for this playlist the Spotify URI was: spotify:playlist:3TZDbDtAMnHPtUiaifJigl

    To complete the code you would need this part of that URI string: 3TZDbDtAMnHPtUiaifJigl

    Your user ID should just be your profile name.
  4. I did it! Thank you all for your help!!!

  5. It's easier to just paste the playlist link in the "media" button in the forum and type user/yourSpotifyusername/ between https://open.spotify.com/ and playlist/etc. No need to look up playlist IDs or anything like that.

    For example, I got the following playlist link from Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5idESJb88vdHTaiwljz3Dp?si=kOSOjRQQSXWbJMUHXxinSQ

    Added the bolded part:

    Use "media" and:
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  6. Thanks @soratami - this is much easier.

    OR Spotify could, you know, let us copy paste the link like we did a year ago or so and have it embed automatically.
  7. Anyone else having problems viewing embeds? I haven't been able to see any of them recently. I'm on mobile but don't know if it's also a problem for me on desktop.
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  8. Oh, this is good to know! I always tried using that media button for Spotify embeds, but would get an error saying 'unsupported link' or something like that. It was because I wasn't editing the pasted link with my user info, I suppose.
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  9. Great find!
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  11. Getting the most incredibly annoying technical issue on my phone. I am not getting any Spotify playlists, and instead, getting just the words 'Bad Request', for every single Spotify playlist right now. I will check my desktop later, but it is really getting to me, so I just thought I'd let you know right away.
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