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Emeli Sandé - New Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She's back quicker than ever this time.

    I assume this is the first single off the new album.

    Starlight. September 20th.
  2. Hopefully it's a bop.
  3. Look who has iMovie yas
  4. Apparently she's releasing an EP? Maybe that'll be tagged on to a re-release of the last album?
  5. Quick we need something upbeat for the tour!
  6. Hopefully it's better than her bad 2nd album.. Although Hurts is good
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  7. That production does sound slick, I'm defintely hear for an upbeat banger.
  8. I feel like I already know what this sounds like.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

  10. The single is out.

    6 track EP called "Kingdom Coming" out 3rd November and album next year.

    She spoke to Annie Mac on Radio 1 just after 7.30pm if you want to listen back.
  11. Fuck me she was still doing shows for the second album a week and a half ago.
  12. Thank God she isn't waiting another four years. Revisited Long Live the Angels recently and it's such a strong album; there aren't any obvious anthemic hits on it but it certainly didn't deserve to be met with the collective shrug that the public gave it (despite impressive industry and radio support).
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  13. Listening to Starlight...

    So I guess once the success died down, she realised she didn't hate it as much as she thought she did?
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  14. RJF


    "Starlight" feels kind of like a gritted teeth compromise. The lyrics sound like she wrote it in ten minutes. Even when she was talking about it on the radio earlier the creative process sounded rather stilted. Either that or she's just a bit insipid.
  15. A stopgap EP like this, presumably with an X Factor performance locked in, screams 'fuck, there's a spectacularly misjudged arena tour coming up soon and we need to sell some tickets'.
  16. Oh well @ all of these reactions as to why this is being released. New artists should know that they can't take 4 years in between debut & second albums. Whatever gets me more music from Emeli. Can't wait to hear it.
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  17. The track itself is great, though the song as a whole does sound a bit rushed, surely they could've done more with this?
  18. Starlight is cute! It's no Hurts, but then most songs aren't.
  19. Wait, a new album in 2018 already?

    The snippet of Starlight sounded like it won't be my cup of tea at all and I am a bit scared that she will do a very poppy album now.
  20. This feels so... sudden. I'm still bopping to 'Babe'! 'Starlight' is cute but way too safe to do anything, isn't it? It's not inspired at all. Emeli lowkey could've done a cool cover of Muse's 'Starlight'.
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