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Emeli Sandé - New Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Island

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    It's a lovely album but it also comes off as a bit preachy in its "we-are-flawed-but-strong" sentiment.
  2. The reason why the reviews are decent is because the album is decent! I actually am pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. I just can't understand who ever OKed that album cover was thinking, maybe they were hoping for something lighter than the first two but I just hate that shade of orange...You Are Not Alone is stunning though.
  3. Love to help is gorgeous...
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  5. what are we all anticipating for this? Obviously Sam Fender will get the No.1 album but are we thinking Top 3 with 20k sold...
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  6. OK wait, I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying this. The entire album has this warm ‘70s soul vibe to it - I’m finding it really uplifting, packed with should-be hits, & it’s surprisingly varied. Well done, Emeli!
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  7. Yet again she slaps me in the face with her lyrics, I always return to Emeli when I need to feel better and I'm glad that her lyrics are as uplifting as ever before. The album is beautiful, hopefully people will give it a chance. Long Live wasn't that well received even though there are some very good songs on there. She has such a warm and kind soul, it really shines through in her music. I really wish she was more successful.
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  8. I agree, the album is just lovely. Yes, you can tell from the production that the budget has dwindled, so she's not working within such lavish soundscapes as before and there aren't the obvious 'hits', but her primary strength has always been her songwriting and her singing, and on that front she continue to excel.

    So many gorgeous songs with absolutely beautiful, positive and uplifting lyrics and messages. Listening to her is like a healing experience, so good for your soul and perspective. There's definitely a place for artists like this in the world and I hope she stays around for a long long time.

    Also, Free As A Bird is an absolutely stunning closer. "I don't know if you heard, but I taught my heart to sing, and I gained me a pair of wings, now baby I'm as free as a bird".
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  9. I'm hoping it just does nicely and she is able to feel comfortable in her lane. I'm sure she can have a bit of a resurgence in a few years with the nostalgia from that first era if she so desires.
    I actually think it was a personal choice for her to do this kind of music.
    Even with a lower budget, she has connections and is enough of a draw as a name that she could be working with current producers if she desired. There's not even an attempt to make the same type of music.

    She's done the whole album with Troy Miller (he did the entirety of Laura Mvula's second album), even co-producing 3 tracks herself if Wikipedia is to be believed.
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  10. She really is a terrific songwriter. Love this. Goosebumps every time. A true talent.
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  11. Is there something on the album that is not a gospel ballad a la X Factor? The thought of enduring 11 songs like this is not really making me try.
  12. Extraordinary Being.
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  13. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I only got around to listening to this last night, but I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Compressing the tracklist down to a focused 11 was a good decision.
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  14. New entry at #6 in the album chart. Top 5 would have been great but it's still a good result.
  15. Only 7k copies though. Long Live The Angels did 47k in its first week.

    I do wonder what the margins are like for a project like this.
    She recorded it all with a single collaborator who both produced all tracks & played all instruments on the album, but she did also shoot four music videos (albeit low-budget ones).

    Would be a shame if she is dropped, she is too talented.
    Here's hoping the tour goes well for her.
  16. Decent chart position. But they did nothing to promote the album, so not sure what they were expecting. At least they can still push it for the Christmas season if they want to.
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  17. Grateful queen.

  18. That chart position is much better than I expected, teebs. An X Factor performance of You Are Not Alone would give it a little winter boost I imagine.

    I feel like this is probably going to plateau and be her level in future – and there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing an album and theatre tour every couple of years. She was so massive in the first era that I think there's always going to be at least some sort of fanbase to keep hold of.
  19. It's hard to put a positive spin on that first week sale really. Yes she's not getting the same media support she used to but she ought to have a big enough established fan base to sell more than that. Suppose we should wait and see if it manages to stick around for a bit. She's kinda having a Dina Carroll-style trajectory sales-wise!
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  20. Overexposure first era. Killed her buzz with that acoustic live album. It’s not rocket science.
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