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Emeli Sandé - New Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Shine is here. Another positive, feelgood bop from our spiritually uplifting queen.

  2. Wow. What a gorgeous picture of her.
  3. The styling is great this era. She's gorgeous.
  4. The video for Shine is out.

    I appreciate the fact that the song is not as mortally boring as the others from this era, but the good sis is pushing zero boundaries artistically.
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  5. Shine really doesn't do it for me.
    Also I dislike how the video is shot in the exact same location as Kesha's Praying.
    Makes a lot of it unwatchable for me? Just because I associate it with that song so much.
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  6. It is Emeli Sande sis. Adele-light. What did you expect?
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  7. Well I give her credit where it's due. Heaven, Daddy, Hurts and at a push Garden still sound fresh and engaging. She's capable to do more, she's just settling for less.
  8. New song 'For Once In My Life' out from the TV adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's a Stevie Wonder cover.
  9. Carol King cover for BBC Radio 2 Breakfast:

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  11. I'm stunned how all over the place this whole campaign has been.

    First thing she should do, redo the prospective album cover. I think the Extraordinary Being cover is more suited. She's not that sort of artist.

    They were wise to reschedule, it would have flopped - badly.
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  13. Best track so far. Very uplifting and emotional.
  14. Wow this is beautiful.

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  15. Can't believe this is about to be released to little or no buzz! The first album was impeccable. The second was also very good. This seems all over the place!

    Awful album cover - hate the orange.

    Maybe she could have launched with an XF performance or something...
  16. Free As A Bird is stunning.
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  17. Yeah this feels like it’ll be dead upon arrival. Maybe she should have released around Mother’s Day and gone for that short window to maximise sales.
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