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Emily Osment aka Bluebiird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Caligula, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. This sound suits her so much. Her voice has also matured nicely.
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  2. OKAY! How come no one saw fit to tell me she released new music? I'm legit about to tear up listening to the EP. On the first song and I really like it.
    Do @DJHazey and @savilizabeths know about this? And @WhenTheSunGoesDown
    I don't know if any of y'all will actually like the new music, but I just thought you should know.
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  3. What kind of sound is it? I fear a "gotta show I've grown out of my Disney Years" thing incoming.
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  4. It's hard to pin point it, but it's kinda like pop-rock with a folky edge, and a little bit of a jazzy feel to a couple songs I think? I know that sounds terrifying, but I'm bad at descriptions anyway.
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  5. So many people would give this a spin just on the premise of being “Lily from Hannah Montana”. It should not have taken so long for me to find this, gurl where’s the promotion. This is so good
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  6. Well this project/EP was severely overlooked by the GP. Probably because she's an indie artist now. But that doesn't matter because the songs are lovely.

    I remember reading years ago that she took voice lessons and really worked hard at it and it shows because I already liked her tone on Fight or Flight.

    But this new project is very different.

    Her vocals on Good Girl are crazy strong! Didn't know she could hit such notes. You can tell she's more confident in her capabilities.

    My favorite song on this EP is Sailor. It just clicked instantly the first time I heard it.

    And I obviously have a soft spot for Black Coffee Morning because it was the first time in 9 years that we got an actual new song from her.

    Hope she continues to release more music in the future! She found her groove.
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  7. Lovesick just came on randomly, and I may have bopped just a bit.

    The "Radioactive now you can't stop it.." part continues to be a moment.

    Also, I had NO clue she released new music! Going to check it out now.
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