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Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vignesh, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. 1st Single - Berzerk.


    Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin.

    Album out Nov 5.
  2. Onions

    Onions Guest

    This seems rather regressive considering his recent output.
  3. BML


    Do not want.
  4. That chorus could have been killer had he gone all pop and Ke$ha'd the verses.
    Very Beastie Boys.
  5. Awful, if he's gonna name his album then the single should be WAY more radio friendly. The single run from his first 2 albums was flawless.
  6. I hope he returns to his Slim Shady persona. I think this could be his most 'Eminem' album in years -the title leads me to hope for something along those lines. I prefer Eminem as a baleful presence on the sideline rather then some elder statesman of rap.
  7. Man, I expected so much more from Rubin and Eminem! Though this is pretty good it is by no means a first single, especially from a MM sequel!
  8. Berzerk is a bit of a banger, I'm liking this.

    Although it reminds me of Everybody Get Up by 5ive, get that club smash Em.
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  9. KAG


    It's a okay. Hope it grows on me... Glad to have him back though.
  10. I can only imagine how amazing this would sound live.
  11. I cant wait to see what pop divas Eminem will diss on the sequel to "Marshall Matters lp 2" because Britney & xtina are kind old shcool now.
  12. Wow, Berzerk is exceptionally noisy shit.
  13. I agree, he had some good songs on Recovery but he's so much better when he has a bit comedy in his raps.
  14. There's a really good song in there somewhere, but I'm not totally feeling it just yet. I really like the "take your shoes off, let your hair down" bits.
  15. I saw him on Sunday and it was phenomenal. Maybe I'm still somewhat on an "Eminem high" but I'd rather he deliver something which feels inherently "him" than something akin to 'Recovery's first two singles and, as such, this is refreshingly bezerk (excuse the pun).
  16. Liking the throwback production from Rick Rubin and Eminem really attacks the track. Chorus is memorable and it's nice to hear Eminem solo without a rent a hook singer.
  17. I'm not quite getting into it. It's an ok track, but it really does feel like very Beastie Boys. If he's going back to such an personal title, it feels wrong to be leading with a song that sounds so much like someone else. I'm obviously trying not to compare it to it's namesake, but I can't see that being an easy task.
  18. His last album was safe garbage so I don't know why anyone would call this regressive COMPARED to that. However, yes, it is some regressive Beastie Boys-aping nonsense that Rolling Stone will like because filling the review with a list of putative influences will be easy.
  19. I can see it being a big grower.

    I've always wanted to love Eminem's music but his last album kinda sucked. I heard it was one of his better ones and bought it and think I listened to it three or four times before deciding it was shit. Definitely a singles artist.
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