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Emma Bunton- Life In Mono [New Album]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Maybe she'll do an Atomic Kitten ?
    Take one dreary ballad from newly released album double A-side it with a brand new uptempo track which won't be available until the next album comes out?
  2. I think 'Something Tells Me' is the best song off the album... and gosh it's not even an album track, it is a b-side and a cover. Damn this is bad.
    Not only I sleep throughtout each song but also by end of every song I already forgot how it started. It's a very sleepy album and it doesnt have a 'peak' moment or a big highlight, that song that everyone says 'WOW, this is good'. Nah.
  3. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I agree completely, I love it from start to finish.
  4. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    But more importantly, is anyone going to be buying it? I pray for Top 10!
  5. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    I wonder if and when Mr PJ will tear this album a new arsehole?
  6. His piece on JoJo was amazingly accurate.
  7. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    I haven't heard it and have absolutley no intention of doing so.
  8. I REALLY enjoy this album. There. I said it.

    Yes, it's more sedate than "Free Me," but it's a lot more lush. You can never go wrong with a whole string section. And I've always loved me a bit of bossanova. Further, there's no dip in quality throughout. I didn't use the skip button once. Nice work, Ms Bunton.
  9. I wont. A Top10 at this point on the peak of December with such big sales would be too high to expect from Emma actually ... has SCD raised her profile THAT high with the buying public? She never sold more than 30k on the first week so I am not too sure
  10. Stranger things have happened, i would love her to be top 10 next weekend, but i just can't see it happening
  11. I watched her on the paul o'grady show ( presented by a guest presenter however) and Emma mentioned that she had written most of the album and was very proud of it etc, but the presenter ignored this information and just kept harking back to talking about downtown and strictly ballroom. Emma is such a graceful sweetie, her plug shouldn't have been thwarted like this.
  12. I know what you mean, and that's really pretty upsetting. Those sort of interviews are really about promoting the album but the interviewer seems to be interested on asking about ANYTHING even things like 'do you like dogs?' rather than about the real POINT of the interview
  13. "Undressing you" must be the best song released by a Spice Girl ever!
  14. to be honest i really like emma , loved her first album couldnt believe 1 of her singles flopped from it.

    the first single from the 2nd album took a while to grow on me but in the end i loved alll the releases

    but this album , the best release is probs downtown , the album is awful , no uptempos like mabey , really cant see any song going top 10 after the first single
  15. ohrohin

    ohrohin Moderator

    Honestly, I wasn't in that camp (talk about "camp" in reference to Emma...*sheesh*) -- I find it near difficult to top Free Me as that record is very consistent...but I've been listening to Life In Mono nonstop. On shuffle, on repeat, on whatever. I think the record is very deceiving in the way it seems like it's much more sedate than Free Me -- but I think there's far less filler on the album...even songs like "He Loves Me Not" and "I'm Crying Over Yesterdays" and "Mischevious" are catchy and I find myself singing them over and over again -- and honestly, I expected everything barring maybe the title track and the cover of "Downtown" to be passable at best. It's hard to top an album that had the epic-sounding nature of "Free Me."

    I think Emma's done well for herself, but at the same time, the album is definitely a grower (and wasn't Free Me a grower too?] I had a nice hour-plus commute into the city to make yesterday and that's when I grew intimate with the album. Other listeners are certainly not going to be as patient. But I mean, it gave me time to fall desperately in love with "Take Me to Another Town."

    Having "All I Need to Know" as single #2 from the record isn't the best strategy. It's generic and we saw what happened with generic when "We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight" crash-landed at #20 a few years ago. I'd rather opt for "Undressing You" or "I'm Not Crying" as her requisite Valentine's Day single release.

    But when you consider what's been passing as pop music in 2006, The Bunt's new record is somewhat impressive. At least it's not dime-a-dozen faux alt-rock a la Mel C. Give that to her.
  16. ohrohin

    ohrohin Moderator

    Bleugh! That first album of her's was shit! Thank god she ran as far as possible from that album's "style" as she could on album no. 2. You've got to wait it out for "Take Me To Another Town" -- it's got that same quirky charm that "Maybe" does but in a very different way.
  17. Can I add something:

    I've heard the album and it's quite a solid little thing. I love how the public have a lot of time for Emma, she lacks the baggage of Geri and Vicky B. Perhaps the whole 'Baby Spice' persona, uncool though it is, still resonates with us lot.
  18. Life in Mono is more of a "solid album" than an "album with a few good singles, but lots of filler." It's way more consistent than Free Me. Yes it doesn't have a big dance song like Maybe but it more than makes up for it with really moody sultry songs like Life in Mono etc. I think the plan is to turn her into a kind of Will Young who always consistently sells.

    The Take Me to Another Town (I don't know the names yet) song is really cute and odd... it's like a grown up Crickets part two. And, her vocals are amazing on it, she has really come on leaps and bounds. I saw her singing properly live without a ear piece thing the other day on tv too.

    I can't believe the single got to number 3, ten years after the Spice Girls started! Respect to Bunton! Anyway, the cd itself with the two shoes is worth the money alone!
  19. Just as well she's doing a reality show, because Life In Mono is in Matt Willis territory in the mids.
  20. Poor Emma. Not looking good.
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