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Emma Bunton- Life In Mono [New Album]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. But Mike, even you must realise how petty Spice Girls fans are. This comment isn't directed to anyone in particular here on PopJustice but it's what I've found generally: Spice Girls fans are the most stupid people I've ever met.  Why can't they present a united front?  They all bicker amongst each other as to who is the best when they're all comparitively shit solo.  The Spice Girls were manufactured but you cannot manufacture what they had together.  That's what made them special.  Surely having Emma fans laugh at Geri and having Geri fans laugh at Emma fans just defeats the purpose of being a Spice fan?  None of them have songs remotely as great as Too Much, Never Give Up On The Good Times, Say You'll Be There and the apocalyptic 2 Become 1.
  2. Althouh I like Emma I'm not surprised that the album isn't doing great. Even though I knew it was out this week I couldn't find it in ANY of the music stores I went into today. Same as the Matt Willis album a couple of weeks ago.
  3. I really don't see the point of trying to claim some victory because this might fail worse than Passion did. Emma fans were right to be proud of Free Me's success. It was unexpected and because the music appealed as opposed to any of the grim publicity stunts Geri likes to pull when releasing something.

    And don't get me wrong, I took no pleasure in Passion failing. It was simply not good enough to do well. There were a couple of amazing tracks and everything else was deeply mediocre.

    Emma's album position is very sad though. She'd have been better finishing the year with Downtown having been a top 3 hit and then gone for a second single in January and the album in February when the market's quiet.

    Having said that, you probably have to sell more to get to where she's got in December than Geri did to get top 50 with Passion.

    It's all a bit sad though.....
  4. as i said before loved both her first 2 albums , i think her 3rd album is awful and it deserves to flop
  5. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    Don't make me think of Emma in that state, I can't bear it!

    And Kirkland, you are right really. On other forums, they are idolised and it does get a bit annoying when something disastrous (like this) has happened and you get criticised for being honest instead of putting positive spins on everything. The truth is, not many people care about a solo Spice Girl. By rights, they should be huge due to where they've come from, but it hasn't worked because none of them have got a personality that directly appeals to the public. There might be elements there, but not the total package.
  6. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    This is a message to urge people to buy the new album from the fabulous ‘Emma Bunton. Emma’s new album is called ‘Life In Mono’ and is out in the shops now.

    The midweeks for the album chart are not looking to good. Emma has been predicted a entry in the album charts at only number 65. This is really disappointing. Emma has worked so hard on this album and I personally think this is Emma’s best album to date.

    I know Emma has released the album at a bit of an orkward time of the year but number 65 is ridiculous. I don’t think anybody actually knows the album is out as it is this low. Emma has released two albums before ‘Life In Mono’ and they both went top ten so I have no idea on what has happened with this one.

    There are not many pop acts left in the charts these days so to keep Emma big is a must have. She was from one of the biggest girl bands of all time and now she is going to nothing. Emma has worked so hard in life to get this far and look whats happening?

    Even if you buy the album and you give it to somebody for Christmas please please buy it. Do it for the pop business. There are some really lovely songs on the album and if the album does not do well then they may not get released in the future.

    Here Is A List Of Stores And How Much You Can Buy The Album For:

    Tesco £9.77
    HMV £8.99
    Virgin Megastores £9.99
    Sainsburys £8.93
    Woolworths £9.97

    I know I have rambled on about Emma and urging you all to buy her album but please find it in your heart to buy the album. Buying this album would mean the world to Emma, Me, Emma Bunton Fans, The Pop Business!

    I know I am going to get people replying to this saying what a waste of time and being nasty but I would appreciate it if you didn’t.

    Lets all get Emma a really high new entry in the album charts on Sunday.

    Many thanks
    From James

    P.S If you would like to help me then post this on as many forums as you can. Remember to change the name to yours of who this is from!

  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Definitely, I still think the original plan must have been to do the dancing show, to raise her profile, then unleash this in the new year... the Children In Need single came a bit out of the blue, and was obviously not planned, considering how little promo she could do for it, what with the constant rehearsals.
  8. The behaviour of Spice Girls' fans in relation to the members' solo careers is a brilliant lesson to other groups in why you should stay together.

    As long as your fans are remotely interested in one of your number, you'll flog units. Split up and you run the huge risk of going tits up, or minge up in Emma's case thanks to that horrid album cover.

    Is anyone really surprised that this is tanking? Released on the strength of a hokey old cover and a BALLROOM DANCING show? On what alternative universe would it ever have broken the top 40?
  9. I'm liking the album with every listen but I can't see any huge hit on their. I know we'd had three singles by the time "Free Me" came out but there were at least two other obvious potential singles on there and I can't really see any one here.
  10. Rubbish !
  11. I like 'All I Need To Know' (after I edited it a bit) and the title track. I'm playing 'Life in Mono' (the song) over and over again and already have a video in mind.  The rest of the album isssszzzzz ...  (smack!) Oh, sorry! I must've dozed off. It's 'pretty'.

    She looks great though. Funny how the further down an ex-Spice Girl's career goes - the better she looks.  They all looked great at their lowest career points.

  12. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I'd go with "Take Me To Another Town" as a single, it's one of the highlights for me.
  13. The only song that I honestly think its single-worth on 'Life in Mono' is Undressing You. That song is great
  14. Just got the album and it's brilliant! Really makes you just want to make out in the rain!
  15. At first I found it a bit sleepy, just like Will Young's last album, but now it has grown on me a lot. It is not the kind of album that is supposed to scream at you for attention, Emma hasn't that kind of personality or that kind of voice. Speaking of which, her voice is amazing on this record. Amazing!

    Yes, there is no Free Me or Maybe... but Undressing You is definitely as good as Breathing, Take Me To Another Town is definitely as good as Crickets, and Life in Mono is way better than No Sign of Life.

    It is quite ugly when people start spitefully saying "haha this is brilliant"... it seems even uglier than the backlash at All Saints because, well, Emma is so nice! Even if it tanks in the first week it doesn't bother me- I know I will be listening to this for a long long time.

    And on the Spice Girl thing... Emma has stayed in her realm of pop music and explored and developed it and her voice. The others at various points turned their back on the Spice Girls (and in doing so, their fans), or got stuck in a niche or tragically made an ill-advised change in direction... Emma hasn't done that. She's handled her career really well, its ten years since Wannabe. She got a number 3 single... not many ex girl group members can say that.
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Listened to it more carefully and it indeed is a classic.
    I want to listen to it all day, so smooth and lovely. Goes well with Christmas trees, food and wine. At first I wanted some Uptempo tracks too, but now I wish there were more slow ones as Take Me To Another Town really doesn't fit in.

    Bravo the Bunt!
  17. If it got advertised on tv it would sell better, I'm sick of seeing Westlife and Take That adverts.
  18. Better Still, how about ' an audience with the bunt... live!"?
  19. Hmm I'm sorry but it IS being advertised on TV

    The leg moving bit in the end is amazingly cute.
  20. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I have the TV on quite a bit, and I've not seen that advert, so it can't be running in most primetime shows.
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