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Emma Bunton - My Happy Place

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by FrancoisDit, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. I wish Emma Bunton was the support act for the Spice Girls instead of Jess Glynne.
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  2. I think this is already my song of the year!
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  3. I've just noticed that Too Many Teardrops now has a track length of 3:00 up on iTunes. I guess that's coming next?
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  4. I thought so too...

    Personally i can’t wait to hear Don’t Call Me Baby
  5. Introduced it to my friends during predrinks. Everyone loves it!
  6. This so should be a hit. Alas, it won't of course.
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  7. Totally agree with you, love her new song! I don't know why I'm a bit surprised since she's had some great songs before.
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  8. HRH


    Bit bummed it's so many covers...
  9. I was to begin with. Then I just decided I’m happier with ten new Emma recordings, whether they’re original or not, than nothing at all. It’s not like she’s a regularly active singer these days, so anything is a plus in my book.
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  10. Agree anything’s better than her being a Radio DJ.
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  11. I know, God forbid her having a job she clearly enjoys, right?
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  12. She certainly has, the Free Me era especially.
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  13. She looks great in the vertical video!

    Queen of denim.
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  14. I know it keeps being said, but she really never does not age!
  15. I know I'm old but what even are vertical videos? What's their purpose? Just cause we are too lazy to turn around our phone?
  16. It's just another way to promote the song on viable platforms like Instagram/Instagram stories, which serve video best when they're vertical, as well as Spotify which I believe has started to push videos in it's advertising side-bar.
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  17. I love the colouring of the vertical video, would have made a pretty album cover.
  18. Almost 1 week on, and this song remains as addictive as ever.
  19. The vertical video is nice - and quite honestly a lot more serviceable than a few sweet shots of Emma, the fam and Wendi Harriott.
  20. Has she done any other performances or interviews? Can’t seem to find many on YouTube yet?
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