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Emma Bunton - My Happy Place

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by FrancoisDit, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. I couldn't imagine anything more bland/inoffensive/MOR than an Emma Bunton Christmas album. Except maybe a Kimberley Walsh Christmas album.
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  2. It might be as epic as the Hilary Duff Christmas album.
  3. MB


    Not that I'm here for it but I'd imagine a xmas album and the bunton would work quite well and sell ok. It will be extremely MOR but the Asda Mum's will love it. Emma's the cheesiest SG and the most campest (as Gingers retired) so it'll go hand in hand really.
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  4. Yeah, I think an Emma Bunton Christmas album makes a lot of sense. I don't like Christmas songs so I won't be checking for it but I think that's the sort of thing I would expect from Emma Bunton the 'popstar' today. Either that or a covers album.
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  5. A Christmas album from Emma makes perfect sense to me. Every Mum aged 35-45 is going to receive one as a present from their unimaginative kids.
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  6. If it is a Christmas album, which realistically it probably is, I hope it’s somewhat creative. I wouldn’t mind hearing new solo versions of 2 Become 1, Too Much and Goodbye.
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  7. Now that you've said this I now want it.
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  8. I feel like 2 Become 1 could be likely, it seems like something she'd do for the fans. I'd be here for that.
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  9. I feel like it could work; a mix of Christmas songs; Big orchestra versions of some of her song (Christmassy feel) and same for some girls songs.
    (2 Become 1/Too Much/Goodbye/A World Without You/Free Me/Undressing You) it could work.
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  10. I'd buy it as I bought Kylie Christmas however talk about boring.

    Emma's voice is so flawless though it deserves new recordings.
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  11. Do you think she maybe scared about updating her sounds too try and keep up with FM/LIM and this is the easiest way too return to music.
  12. Possibly this is a safe option aswell. I think she should give herself more credit though she is more than capable of delivering another Free Me if she tries. Or even something different altogether but equally great. Her vocal adapts so well to different genres I'm pretty sure Rodney Jerkins said she had the purest voice he'd ever worked with.
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  13. Yeah, honestly I'd rather take an album of her doing Spice ballads reinterpreted in a Christmas style, instead of standards.

    1. 2 Become 1
    2. Mama
    3. Too Much
    4. Viva Forever
    5. Goodbye
    6. Let Love Lead The Way
    7. Time Goes By
    8. Oxygen
    9. All I Need to Know
    10. Walkaway
    11. Calling
    12. Loving Me Back to Life
    13. Northern Star
    Bonus Tracks:
    14. If That Were Me
    15. I.O.U.
    16. Song For Her

    Give me that over covers of Santa Baby and Walking in a Winter Wonderland any day.
  14. If she has to do a covers-Christmas album, at least give me the more boppy Christmas songs. Christmas Is The Time to Say I Love You (Billy Squier), Step Into Christmas (Elton), or My Only Wish.
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  15. Are you ok hun?
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  16. Especially when Closer is right there.
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  17. Christmas isn't cool and credible, and as much as I love Gwen, I don't think she's relatable for the people who buy Christmas albums (mainly the Loose Women audience and ASDA mums). It's more Emma's demographic and with the right campaign including several formats like Kylie, Rick and Gabrielle, I think there's a chance for her to score a Top 20 album.
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  18. What I love about Emma is that everyone thinks she sweet and family friendly. Then you hear stuff about how she loves a good drink and a swear.
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  19. Yeah she definitely loves her booze ha ha

    My fave thing about her is her devoted loyalty to the group. I thank God she replaced Michelle Stephenson.
  20. Though Mel B and Gerita were the bigger personalities and Mel C and Victoria kept everyone grounded and sane, I do think Emma had a certain kind of feistiness about her.
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