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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by GirlsAloud, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. GirlsAloud

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    I just thought I would let you know that Emma Bunton has a new single out at the beginning of February and it is called 'All I Need To Know'.

    If you go on her website then you can hear it. The video was shot before christmas in London. You can see the new video on The Box and Smash Hits.

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  2. I think its a nice enough song but there are better songs she could have gone with off the album. I hope there are at least some good mixes (although I can't see how that will work to be honest), or some good b-sides to make it an incentive to buy. I hope the summer single is "Take Me To Another Town" as its quite fun and a little similar to "Crickets Sing For Anamaria".

    Milky x
  3. It's a pretty song, well-produced and with a good vocal performance, but it doesn't exactly scream 'hit single'. The album's title track, or Take me to another town, would surely have been safer bets to get a hit and (more importantly) shift the album...
  4. Me too. Emma performed it at G-A-Y so I think its likely it will be a single. I really hope that the next single does well for her as it really is a make or break after the disappointing album sales.

    Milky x
  5. Totally agree with you. I think it would have benefited being one side of a double a-side of a more uptempo Maybe-esque number that isn't on the album.

    Milky x
  6. I want Life In Mono to be released. Its all kinds of brilliant!
  7. I think 'Undressing You' is the only song on the album thaty actually says 'single material'.
  8. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    Whatever the case is, 'All I Need To Know' is a new kind of awful. What the heck was she thinking with this album? She deserved that position.
  9. VoR


    Undressing You isn't very convincing. Good tune, but I don't think the British public are, or ever will be ready for 'Sex Bunton'.

    The good thing about AINTK is that it's quite mature, so if it catches on, it should boost the album. However, I can just as easily see it going in at #32.
  10. I really don'y understand the logic in releasing this track.
  11. undressing you is the only song i can see being a hit- i can imagine a moulin rogue-type video
  12. This whole project should just be forgotten about and she should get back into the studio and record us another Maybe. Fast.
  13. I like 'All I Need To Know,' and am excited to see the new video. I hope Emma makes it worthwhile.

    I think the song is very good. I do want 'Life In Mono" to be a single tho.

  14. I share this same thought. I mean, All I Need To Know, may be a good song but I dont think there's any sort of commercial appeal on it or something on it that will make people's mind remind of that song. I have heard the album since it has been released and yet I cant remember any bit of that song, not even the chorus.
  15. I think she was trying to appeal to a certain type of demograph. But that hasn't worked so I don't know why she's carrying on with All I Need To Know - a track which was surely part of that plan.

    As everyone's already mentioned, there are different sounding tracks on the album that she can take another chance on.
  16. i just hope they give her the chance to release a third single if this goes tits up.
  17. A serious test of Simon Fuller's patience!
  18. What happened to the alleged dance tracks that were serviced under an assumed name?

    Maybe the Bunt needs to go back to a slice of stonking pop?
  19. Agreed. Whilst I think it's quite a nice little album, the tracks are just too slight to be big singles. 'Undressing You' could work as a sleek sultry single with a really strong video, but only just. I think this needs new songs added and a re-release ASAP. I think it was premature to imagine that Strictly Come Dancing would get her the demographic audience that she was hoping for.
  20. The list of unreleased songs from the LIM era is quite big and names over there are very kinky suggesting possible dance numbers... however seems she got it all scraped after they decided to go into a more 'adult' direction with her being on the dance show and stuff. Shame.
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