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Emma Louise - Supercry

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. I just had a wonderful 3 week jaunt to Australia and Emma Louise was my favourite musical discovery. The album just came out and went to number 12 on the ARIA chart. The video I have attached here has been around a while but is more than a nod to her countrywoman Sia. The rest of the album is beautiful - really gorgeous and at times comes over like a mix of Feist and the more cinematic feel of Lana.

  2. I first heard Jungle sometime in 2011 and just went back to hear it and the song still sounds just as amazing 2 years on.
  3. The album is actually a pretty big departure from "Jungle" but it's very, very beautiful. My favorite track is probably "Atlas Eyes".
  4. This is really lovely.
  5. I am so obsessed with this album. I just keep coming back to it and it still gives me goosebumps despite multiple plays. Would be great if she would do at least one UK gig.
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    "Atlas Eyes", "Pontoon", "Mirrors" and "Freedom" are all wonderful, with the latter being my favourite. For some reason I tend to pair this album up with Owl Eyes' Nightswim, Emma's being the daytime counterpart.

    The international release of the album adds "Jungle" at the beginning and a radio edit of the Wankelmut remix (which isn't actually all that bad as I thought at first) at the end.

    More music videos:
    "Mirrors": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H33KDQtr3A8
    "My Head Is a Jungle" Wankelmut remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jaha10-onPE
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    "Pontoon" music video:


    It annoys me to no end that "Freedom" still has no video, when it was the lead single.
  8. Lovely video.
  9. So somehow the Wankelmut and Emma Louise version of My Head Is A Jungle has been reworked again (MK Remix) and it's on the Radio 1 C Playlist. Any exposure for Emma Louise is a good thing and there's a proper video. Maybe we might even get a UK tour date out of this. Here's hoping.
  10. I still listen to this album every once in a while, it's really rather good. I was hoping we'd get a video for "Atlas Eyes" at some point but I guess not ...
  11. I listen to it very regularly, especially at night time.
  12. So the remix version of My Head is A Jungle is number 4 on UK iTunes! Not at all representative of her Sia-alike album but great to see her get some coverage and it might make people seek out the album, in which case they can't help fall in love with it.
  13. Oh that's awesome! I hope she has plans to come tour/promote her older or new material here now.
  14. I really hope so. Would love to hear Vs Head Vs Heart played live.
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  16. Wonderful. Owl Eyes is on the Flight Facilities album too!
  17. So so so pleased she's back. Vs Head Vs Heart is legit a top ten album of all time for me. It's a classic already. The new song is subtle and brooding and everything I wanted it to be. Couldn't be more excited for an album in 2016.
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