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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Well since we have a topic for EastEnders I think it's only fair there's somewhere to discuss Britain's second-best soap!

    This week sees Charity turn up to what she doesn't realise is her own wedding which should be fun!
  2. It's the third best, actually.
  3. I used to watch this every day, but not so much anymore, although I do see it if I'm in the room when my Mum is watching.

    Charity still seems as fabulous as ever. Debbie Dingle has grown into a really good actress too. They need a proper bitch character though. I miss Sadie.

    The terrible blonde actress who slept with her brother or something was hilarious when she found out and started screeching and flailing around wildly.
  4. Charity is so fucking fabulous it's untrue. I've got the biggest crush ever on her. And I love Debbie and her 'cant be arsed to bring an expression to my face' attitude. She's so cool. It is missing a bitch but we've always got Nicola to provide the nasties until somebody new comes in, plus rich Natasha can be a right old cow sometimes, not to mention a murderess.

    Yeah, Maisie's 'crying' is so hilariously stage-school it's untrue. She's stunning though!
  5. I don't know whether you're referring to Corrie (ha!), Hollyoaks (ha, ha!) or Doctors (I can't even muster a laugh for that scenario) but none touch Emmerdale at the minute. This past year or so is the first time in an age, maybe ever, that practically nobody has been bothered to deny that Corrie has gone all the way down the shitter. I never liked it personally but the wide concensus now is that it's crappity crap and after watching a horribly Gail-centric episode I can see why!
  6. I've just got back into this. It's pretty great.
  7. 1. Eastenders
    2. Corrie
    3. Hollyoaks
    4. Neighbours
    99. Every episode of Emmerdale Farm that isn't the plane crash.
  8. ^Worst opinion ever.

    Tonight's episode was amazing. I love Charity so much it hurts.
  9. Charity was amazing last night.

    Hollyoaks and Neighbours are appalling right now. I don't understand how anyone could watch them.
  10. Although I didn't know people still used the word Nelly, I have to be honest!
  11. Take away Neighbours and I agree.
  12. Honestly? People think Hollyoaks is better than Emmerdale? Hollyoaks is an utter travesty. Massive shame really, since it was amazing five years ago.

    James:D, neither did I. It was a sly reference to Nellie Dingle obv.
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Emmerdale is great! I prefer it to Eastenders.
  15. Pfft. Corrie rules. Eastenders is great too, but Corrie has the better accent.
  16. I used to watch Emmerdale but stopped a few years ago. According to my friend though it is AMAZING at the moment.
    I can't find a Hollyoaks thread though. It's got a bit crap this year but I still love it, and hopefully the Great Hollyoaks Cull 2010 will get rid of the driftwood clogging it up at the moment. They never should have killed Sexy Warren off either!
  17. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Is there lots of gayer action going on at the moment or something?
  18. Chavvy Aaron is, we suspect, a gay, but there's no specific love interest as of yet other than his friend Adam, and the feelings are most definitely not mutual!
  19. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    He's getting a love interest in the coming weeks though...
  20. This drugs storyline is the best in a soap since Chelsea EE garnered and overcame addiction to cocaine in a mere week. I love Holly Barton's blank ass face and monotone voice whilst trying to persuade her mum to be okay with her snorting coke.

    BUT IT MAKES ME MORE CONFIDENT. You could just try not being a plank of wood instead?
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