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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I forgot about this thread!

    Aaron's coming out scenes with Paddy last week were brilliant. I read loads of previews saying it was really emotional, and it would make you cry etc and thought yeah yeah - but it did! A little bit, at the end. Even though it was really manipulative.
  2. I think Paddy has been every bit as great as Aaron this past week or so.
  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    They should have made it an EE-style two hander (although it nearly was).
  4. I didn't realise Paddy could actually act until last week. Holly, on the other hand, is terrible. It's not even amusingly bad acting like Maisie's breakdown scenes.
  5. It's been a pretty damn good storyline for Emmerdale, well acted. It's not a programme I usually watch, but it was on the other week and I kinda got sucked in. Kudos to the actors playing Aaron and Paddy.

    Oh, yeah, and that other storyline you mention, just isn't worth mentioning. It's a shame they have such a strong storyline running alongside an almost cringeworthy one.
  6. It's an unfortunate unspoken rule of soap. Good storylines must be supplimented by shitty ones. See also EastEnders with the gangster crew bullshit next to Lucy's baby and Stacey/Max's heartbreak.

    I bet Alice Coulthard who plays Maisie absolutely loves sharing scenes with Sophie Powles (Holly). She looks like Meryl Streep in comparison!
  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Noooo, you've made Maisie cry by saying that!

    *gulps down air*
    *throws pasta jars*
    *spins around in a circle*
    *falls down like a ragdoll*
  8. Oh my gosh, don't make me laugh! That's exactly how it happened as well! So good of Emmerdale to provide such comic relief in the midst of all that anger and rage.
  9. Holy Dingle, I absolutely live for Charity! What a goddess!
  10. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I really enjoyed last nights episodes but the make up artist that is doing Paddy's bruises needs firing ASAP. He looked like something out of a student film take off of dawn of the dead last night. Too much yellow!
  11. Suzanne Shaw's not a very good actress is she?

    Charity is amazing. I loved it the other night when she was talking to that guy and pretended to be a prostitute when his girlfriend turned up!
  12. slimane

    slimane Guest

    why do I find Eli so yummy? I think growing up Catholic has given me a complex...I'm really into jesusy guys.
  13. Eli makes me want to rip my own face off.

    Adam Barton is where it's at!
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I'm glad Eli is going, his character was just a Cain clone with less interesting things to do.

    The upcoming "child biting" story is going to be shit and annoying, I think.
  15. Absolutely maaaaaate.

    Adam really is stunning. Apparently the guy who plays him is something of a serial womaniser.
  16. Oh my goodness Moira was fierce tonight! Bitch best unleash that Scottish wrath soon.
  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    "Well what were they doing?"

    "Carrying some wood."

    "Is that a euphamism?"

  18. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Aaron/actor who's playing Aaron if you're gonna kiss someone KISS someone. That was really wet last night.
  19. RIP Shadrach it was so sad. I think he was a character worth developing, he could have got help.
  20. Shadrach was a terrible, terrible character.

    I'm so upset Natasha's leaving! I'm practically inconsolable. I wonder if she'll go out with Maisie and whether Will and Nathan will be leaving too. I hope Nathan isn't since he's (a) suitably evil and (b) kind of hot.
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