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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Make the most of it, it's all gone to pot this week!

    The Charity outing Vanessa to the pub scene was just bizarre.
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  2. I'm not enjoying this Robert storyline. The only positive is that Chrissie has returned to Home Farm and is the one (with some help from Lachlan) who can see what he's up to. Hopefully this will all end soon.

    I can't see how Robert as a character can recover after all of this.
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  3. Is it just me or has Emmerdale gone a bit mental?
  4. Please could someone let me know when this awful Robert storyline has finished
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  5. It's a damn mess at the moment. So many characters are acting out of... character.
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  6. Glad it's not just me, something really feels off at the moment.

    I guess this is the price you pay for all your big stories coming to a head at the same time and the B-list cast having to step up.

    I really couldn't care less about Vanessa's sexuality, Jai's parenting or Daz. I hopes he's not in it for the long haul as a favour to his real life partner Kerry.
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  7. I'm really enjoying Moiras post partum depression storyline. My heart goes out to both Mama Barton and the baby.
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  8. Robert's character recovered from practically murdering someone, shooting Paddy etc etc. Robron has devoted fans.
  9. This entire Robert cheating/baby storyline would have made far more sense and been far more entertaining if it had been Robert/Chrissie it happened with.

    Aaron getting Karma and losing the moral high ground that the woman that slept with his husband was the woman's who's husband he stole.

    Robert and Chrissie both furious to get pregnant but Chrissie using it to stick the knife into Robert.

    And Chrissie 1.0 is actually a match for Robert and could go toe-to-toe.
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  10. I wonder what the original plan was for Robert because he and Aaron were clearly not meant to be endgame at the beginning and it literally goes from him shooting paddy and holding hostage a bound and bleeding Aaron to a few heated encounters and bad looks to them getting together.

    Melts your brain to think about.
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  11. I agree; it would have been a much more interesting story had it been Chrissie. I think Robert and Chrissie have a better onscreen chemistry.
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  12. I love Vanessa's sexual awakening and uber-2017 no-labels coming out with everyone accepting it straight away.
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  13. I haven't seen this I'm months, and I have no idea what on earth is going on.

    Screeching at the scene where Jimmy talks about being on Tumblr, though.
  14. Faith and Moira are an amazing double-act.
    Moira going through PPD and Faith using the baby as a way of putting right the wrongs she made with Cain and Chas. Here for it.
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  15. I am very much ready for Debbie to take over the show again. It is what I am most looking forward to.
  16. Yes at Debbie getting all dressed up for her next major storyline!
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  17. How many more times are Debbie and Mr Waterhouse going to have the exact same conversation?

    Though if this leads to more bed scenes for him I'm honestly OK with it.
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  18. I was going to say... why are you complaining?

    So do we think Tom and Debbie are going to get Home Farm?
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  19. I've not regularly watched this for well over a year but WHO IS THIS BOY IN BED WITH DEBBIE????
  20. Oh my God at that Tom scene...
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