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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I literally just squealed in delight at that ending...
    So glad Chas is back, and my non-reading of spoilers keeps the surprises constantly coming, even on a Monday.

    EE must be kicking themselves letting that Tom fall through their fingers.
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  2. A shirtless and wet Tom made me come over all queer.
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  3. I was watching it from a distance and I thought it was Rhona. I got a bit of a shock when I focused my eyes and realised it was Chas! I had no idea she was back this week!
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  4. He can come over me all queer anytime he likes!
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  5. I could watch this Debbie and Tom storyline all day long.

    Perched for Charity to take advantage of the situation.
  6. I'm so glad Chas is back.

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that it's Tom who is behind this bad luck Charity and Debbie are having? Their hire car went missing during their first meeting - which leads to Tom investing in the business - and now the robbery tonight, at a time when they're already short of cash? I may be completely barking up the wrong tree but I wondered if Tom's trying to manipulate the situation so that Debbie ends up depending on him?
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  7. You could be onto something! I always had a feeling he had something to do with the car being stolen and had been wondering where this storyline was going.

    As long as we get more scenes like this they have my full attention

  8. Ooh I like it! I'm so gripped.
  9. No but I love Lydia.
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  10. How long till Tom starts screaming at debbie that “im ruined!!!!!”

    People who move to emmerdale as millionaires always lose every single penny
  11. I guarantee by next Christmas.
    As long as he does it topless, we won't mind.
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  12. I loved Bernice at the police station. Don't mess with her, she has the Lewis TV boxset!!! She should give it to Detective Pete Barton; he needs some tips.

    I have no idea who did do it, and I'm not entirely convinced it was murder, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
  13. I love how extra those fireworks were last night.
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  14. I’m confused, I thought we were supposed to find out who did it at the end of this week, or did I miss something?
  15. I don't know, I wondered the same. What Friday's episode showed us though was that Emma had a struggle/argument with both Ross and everyone's least favourite detective Pete at some point on the day she died. So I think those bruises on her arms, which the police are interested in, were possibly caused by either Ross or Pete or both earlier in the day and maybe those bruises have nothing to do with her fall/murder?
  16. I hope they wrap this "whodunit" storyline up quickly and don't have it dragging on for months.

    I was OK with Emma throwing herself off the viaduct!
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  17. I hope this story doesn't go on for too long either. Sometimes it seems like this murder storyline has been an unnecessary additional step in a storyline that was already brilliant as it was. In a way it has taken the focus away from the fact that everyone now knows Emma killed James.

    Saying that though, I'm still gripped by it but I wonder if that's more because I'm glad the Robert story isn't being shown.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I think the only way I'd care about Emma being killed is if it was either Laurel or Gabby - I really am not interested in Adam being wrongly accused yet again and Pete just being angry at everyone, zzzzzz.
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  19. I loved Faith getting turned in by Morris' big car...
    And I like the fact that someone is stitching up Adam, I hope they run the whodunit right through Adam getting sent down.
  20. Let me cry a little at Faith and Eric's sex scene
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