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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. The teaching assistant storyline is gripping.

    Im not quite too sure what its about but its been going on for weeks
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  2. The penis shaped snake cakes were a new low.
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  3. I admit, I am struggling with ED at the moment. What's all this about a golf course? It seems completely out of the blue. Robert and The Whites... please could something happen soon with them.

    I was starting to wonder during those scenes in the hotel room that maybe Lawrence already knew about Robert's lies and was testing how far Robert would go... but sadly that wasn't the case.
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  4. It's not great at the moment is it?

    I was really hoping that either Lawrence was calling Robert's bluff, or Robert would actually have to sleep with him. His face was a picture! But no, Lawrence decided to call it off because of the baby. End of storyline.

    I'm half expecting Robert to make a move on Lachlan, he has worked his way through the rest of the family!
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  5. Hang On guys...

    Is Debbie's new squeeze going to be behind the redevelopment of the Dingles land?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree.
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  6. I thought that too but then I also think he is going to take over Home Farm...
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  7. He can take over me if he wants.
  8. I thought tonight's episode was brilliantly done.
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    I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe at the twist of Lydia inheriting the old lady's money. I also feel like Nicola and Jimmy have had this storyline before?
  10. Two years ago while Nicola was away and Jimmy covered for Rodney as an escort, a client gave Jimmy all of her diamond jewelry moments before she died.
  11. Yas Debbie, snatch that house with those exposed beams and overall rustic feel.

    The centre of the headline drama for the next 18 months, I'm sure.
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  12. Screaming at Bernice.
  13. Chrissie in full "I am ruined!" mode tonight.
  14. So who is Tom?!

    Joseph Tate? Tom King Jr?

    I really want to know where this is going now!
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  15. I'm gripped.

    I think Joseph Tate is way more likely as Tom King jr. only appeared on the show fairly recently... plus he'd still only be about 17/18.

    Charity meets 'Tom' next week and it appears that she recognises him...
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  16. I'm hoping for Joseph Tate too as that would leave the way clear for a Dame Kim Tate return...
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    The dog storyline, while I love dogs, is diabolical.
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  18. I love how it's "Eliza's best friend" when she hasn't so much as glanced at it.
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  19. James Tate is Kim's son... and he would be around the right age... But then so would Joseph Tate, Chris' son, which could lead to a Zoe cameo, as Leah is so tragically unwell.
  20. I was getting my James and Josephs mixed up! Either one would be acceptable. It would be amazing having the Tates back in Home Farm.
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