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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Zoe Tate with a mask on!
  2. BTG


    Oh Emmerdale has been missing the camp drama. And I didn't realise how much we've needed it til it's back.

    The Whites, hew?
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    My favourite thing to happen on soap in years!
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  4. BTG


    Yas Hot Doctor, serve us Rocky Horror costume tomorrow.
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  5. That was electrifying, the most thrilling episode of Emmerdale in quite a while. It's so nice to see it acknowledge the past when they generally don't.

    I am going to need Kim Tate back stat.
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  6. Absolutely gripping, brilliant drama.

    I totally agree about it being really great (and unusual) to see Emmerdale referring to the past beyond 2009. They generally never ever do it.

    And going back to the very root of Charity’s character is so fantastic.

    YAS Emmerdale! Show everyone else how it’s done.
  7. This was absolutely incredible tonight. So camp, so dramatic and Debbie and Charity were on fire!
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  8. I need the Whites to collectively die immediately and Joseph Tate to move into Home Farm tomorrow.
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  9. Did they put Tom/Joe in eyeliner just to make it all camper?
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  10. Kim tate is going to gallop back into the village on a 1000 horses

    I hadnt realised rachel was joseph tates mum. I thought perhaps it was kim

    I want kathy to return now
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  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Bit of a shit exit for Leyla....though I know it's only temporary.
  12. I never thought that a Debbie scene would devestate me, but jeez that final scene did me in a little bit.

    And also liking how this storyline is injecting life into Charity a little bit. I love her one liners but she had been milling about for far too long.
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  13. Agreed, I haven't been one of Charity's biggest fans as she has been on autopilot for a long time but she has been on fire these past 2 episodes. You can tell Emma Atkins is loving it! Loved her dirty protest.
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  14. The other soaps are really plaing in comparison this week aren't they...


    If bloody Sarah gets ill from the stress of it all, I''ll be livid. Also, I bet Paddy still keeps in touch with Zoe, to get her to pop in and sort Jospeh out.

    (Yes, I knew the actress is really ill, but in my dreams, she would)
  15. Charity taking a dump in the house is unparalleled levels of iconic.
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  16. Emma Atkins and Charley Webb are fucking electrifying atm.
  17. Haha yes, that part was brilliant! I really, really hope they’re able to keep this momentum going.
  18. I've had to google who Joseph/Zoe Tate etc are as I never saw Emmerdale pre-2009.

    I think it might need a venn diagram or family tree to explain everything?
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  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Sarah snapped.
  20. Sarah is a great little actress. She can really hold her own.
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