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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I fucking hate how they've done this, tbh. It's purely for the sake of showing off how quirky they can be. And if they want to do that with most storylines, then fair enough. But for something as serious as the Maya and Jacob story that's been building for months, I find it really annoying that they're gonna string it out another couple of weeks.

    I'm pretty sure they won't have killed Maya, although I can imagine they think they have (this is Emmerdale, they love a death fake out) or at least that they've seriously injured her. If she's dead that means no confrontation with David, no resolution with Jacob when he (hopefully) realises she's been grooming him, no scorn from the rest of the village, and no punishment.
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  2. In any other situation, I would love the image of David’s three exes teaming up to kill his current girlfriend HOWEVER it is absolutely the wrong direction to take this storyline. The fact that Jacob is the victim of sexual abuse seems to be have been forgotten about in favour of soapy plot twists. Liv also deserves to find herself in deep shit for the role she has played in covering up such a shocking crime.

    All that being said, I don’t think Maya will actually die and it will be another of Emmerdale’s favourite death fake-outs.
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  3. Exactly.

    I want Maya hung, drawn and quartered. Okay maybe not to those extremes but she can’t get it easy by a quick death. I want to see everything around her crumble, the revelations, being forced out of the village, the trial, Jacob standing up in court, the realisation from Jacob that he was groomed rather than it being a harmless romance and seeing how he copes with that.

    I feel like the producers are forcing this sort of “shes dead” teaser, but she won’t be.

    I have faith that they won’t brush this under the carpet, Emmerdale is one soap where they rarely have plot mishaps/blunders. This is one storyline where it can develop organically over time. Especially with Jacob being the age he is and approaching young manhood.
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  4. A couple of episodes away from Dan and Kerry is instantly more likeable again.
  5. They got the “only club in a mid-sized town” aesthetic spot on last night, I bet it has a LGBTQ night every fourth Thursday.
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  6. 2014

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    Where is Jacob supposed to have gone after Priya saw him and Maya anyway??? Very weird way of resolving the storyline.
  7. Wasn’t he going to Spain to see Alicia?
  8. Yeah, he's gone to Portugal. I think he said that he couldn't go without seeing her before he went. It was a fairly clumsy way of tying in this storyline to the club night.

    It's kind of hilarious that they're doing yet another death fake out, but I suppose they had to. Given that there's an entire week before the flashbacks start, they couldn't have had Maya just walking around as normal so she had to disappear somehow. She'll definitely be back.
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  9. Hel-lo Jamie Tate!
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  10. Why is Jamie calling her ''Auntie Zoe'' when it's his sister?
  11. Fact checking isn't a strong point in Emmerdale lately between that and Manpreet calling Jai her son-in-law, instead of stepson.
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  12. Absolutely gagged at the Maya/Jacob twists tonight.
    Great stuff.
  13. The Victoria story tonight was brutally dark. Am still taken aback at it.
  14. It was such a good episode tonight and last night's Maya flashback too, so well written and acted. More of that please Emmerdale, and less of Bear Wolf and Rishi in fancy dress.
  15. Tuesday's second episode was brilliant. Maya jumping out of the car and then revealing just how vile she is to Leyla... I'm glad she's not dead for storyline/punishment purposes but I was cheering Leyla on when she smacked her with the rock. And the fact that she was alive wasn't remotely shocking, but I was genuinely surprised that she'd been with Jacob the whole time, I hadn't even thought of that.

    Tonight was just as good, I was surprised by how brutal it was but it was very well done.

    Episodes like this are when they're at their absolute best. Also, the episode on Monday beat both episodes of Corrie in the ratings, which I think is the first time it's ever done that? Well deserved though.
  16. Corrie is fucking dire at the minute... I smell the latest producer wont see out the year.

    Last night’s was phenomenal but dark. Great tv, but horrifying all at once. So well done. This week is like 5 Star Emmerdale so far.
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  17. I don't even really watch but damn. Tonight's episode.
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    Lisa's death potentially being more of a tearjerker than Corrie's Hayley's??? I'm not ready.
  19. I was more upset by the return of The Woolpackers.
  20. Mmmm I got teary...
    What a throwback to Emmerdale’s mid-90’s first imperial phase.
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