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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

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    As long as Al and Billy stay, it’s not fair their characters get shunted out too. I suppose this has made a bit of a mess considering the new activity centre they’re trying to get started???
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  3. Tragic news. I felt so awful for her and her family. I don't remember a lot of Zoe's stories because I didn't pay much attention to Emmerdale as a child or young teen but I remember liking her when I could be bothered to watch properly. I do remember the story with Scott Windsor though and thought she was good.
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  4. I’m so sad about this news, Leah created an iconic character in Zoe Tate. I had always hoped she would one day return to the show. May she rest in peace.
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  5. Classic character, great actress, such sad news. She’s been fighting for so long.
    Zoe Tate, they don’t make them like her anymore, iconic

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  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Her exit scene is one of my favourite soap moments of all time. Leah played a brilliant character and will be missed.
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  7. Really sad. Rest in peace.
  8. Maya coming out of prison so soon, and pregnant, is just the sort of soap shocker I love.
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  9. Emmerdale has not been the same since Scouse Christian queen Emma and her seething hatred for all things Moira departed. What a character she was.

    Some highlights:

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  10. Seeing those iconic moments really brings home how far this once great soap has fallen. I am on the verge of giving up it's been that dire this year. I think the death of this thread speaks volumes!
  11. I’ve not watched it since Ashley died. Quite a prolonged, treacly passing it was too! I did wonder why this thread seemed to have bitten the dust. In the days of Emma and Chrissie (before they ruined her part) it was very active.
  12. Trust me, you really aren't missing anything!

    Moira has been ruined by a terrible affair storyline, Aaron is a violent thug yet we are supposed to see him as some kind of saint, Nate is one of the most annoying, unlikeable characters they have ever had yet they are still trying to make him happen, Victoria's rapist's mother has moved in next door and harasses her on a daily basis in a very tasteless storyline, there are no camp icons like Emma or Chrissie... It's just so, so bad!
  13. I am loving the Kim/Graham/Rhona storyline, its going to get deliciously camp, and Jamie has been a great (attractive) addition.

    I honestly thought Moira was going to leave already, so I'm expecting a low key, leave the door open, exit around Christmas. Utterly selfish and ruined.
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  14. I'm not even enjoying the Kim Tate stuff and I was so excited for her triumphant return. Jamie is a complete wet blanket, I wanted her to have a son like Nathan Wylde, charming, sexy and scheming!

    I don't see how they can bring Moira back from this, her never ending pity party is so irritating as she brought it all on herself.

    I really don't know why I am still watching!
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  15. I miss Chrissie and her series of striking bobs! Emma was wonderful, but they backed themselves into a corner by making her too mental and ‘bad’. They had no choice but to get rid of her after that.

    But if you’d told me that Pete would be the last surviving Barton, I wouldn’t have believed you.. What happened to the actor who played Ross anyhow? I know he left to do ‘other things’, but I can’t say I’ve seen anything of him since.
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  16. Unusually for a Barton they didn't kill Ross off, so I am sure he will be back in a couple of years like Aaron was after failing to crack Hollywood.
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  17. With his face miraculously healed?!

    After a little scouting around, it seems Michael Parr never went to Hollywood. Instead choosing to spend his time in Liverpool. He had a role in a Sky drama called Bulletproof, though. Whatever that is!
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  18. Aaron is such a prick. I'm sick of his miserable face scowling out of his black hoodie. He is so unlikeable that I am now on Wendy and Luke's side which I'm sure wasn't the writers' intention. Luke can definitely stay, so fit!

    I love that NuEllis now looks about 10 years older than his big brother.
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