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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I think there was a lot of potential in the concept of him and Ben, Aaron is borderline a professional victim on this show so the idea of him needing to break out of that mindset and come to terms with his past and how his abuse mixed in caused him to develop a nasty persona and abuse others and that he was an awful bully when younger caused this while building trust with Ben and seeing how Ben comes around could have been fascinating and a real character study and turning of the corner with Aaron.

    And yet it was so painful. Ben was a simp that just accepted the apology and moved on from the abuse from the bully that made him suicidal and then they keep having these petty, groaning enduring arguments meant for a couple in their third year.

    Made it impossible to root for them. Meh.
  2. Harriet going all Lady Macbeth for Christmas,
    We love to see it.
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  3. Oh wow
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  4. Today's episode was so lovely! I mean the writing for Charity was shit but Chas is a hero. First time I've watched in ages (I don't live in the UK) but something about seeing all those familiar faces is so heartwarming.
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  5. Anyone know who sang the version of All I want for Christmas is you at the end of last nights episode ?
  6. @Scotty B People said it was Bradley Johnson who plays Vinny.
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  7. Can't Vinny and Liv just go and have some, like, fun? The overwhelming misery heaped on them is exhausting to watch.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Vinny and Liv really don't work, but Debbie being back? That woman is the embodiment of iconic!
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  9. Thank you
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  10. I usually dislike Debbie but I'm hoping her and Priya will team up to get revenge on Al when the truth comes out.
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  11. The Al actor is so wooden and unconvincing as a sex god/womaniser. Poor Priya!
  12. Priya and Debbie joining forces...

    my gay heart.
  13. I haven't watched Emmerdale in years, but there isn't a week that goes by where I don't think about that psycho pushing Rachel off the cliff. It was so tragic to see her plummet to her death in that horrible orange wig!!!
  14. 13 year old me was Shooketh!

    Mid 90's to 00's Emmerdale was it's first imperial phase
  15. It's one of my earliest Emmerdale memories along with Kim standing over Frank while he died.
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  16. Mine's the plane crash... well the field of dead sheep from it....

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  17. I don’t think I’d ever watched Emmerdale until this episode and I was blown away with the acting:

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  18. It's been bloody great lately. Harriet going mad in a cellar we didn't know existed, Manpreet coming into her own lusting after the great new Vicar (a literal breath of fresh air), Charity selling the pub, Kim and Gabby being psychotic queens, and Paul being an utterly horrible villain.
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  19. As much as I loathe Matty (selfish brat), the trans stuff yesterday felt quite topical, important, but also normal.
  20. Everything since they blew Paul up has been great. Lisa Riley showing what a powerhouse she is when given the material.
    Also Manpreet is superb, and I can't wait for her to dump Rishi and steal the Vicar.
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