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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Mina is so terrible but so good in equal measure.
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  2. Liv going off the rails is glorious, I'm living for her savagery.
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  3. Victoria becoming the Village Fag Hag...
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  4. I haven’t watched ‘Emmerdale’ since I popped back in for a few weeks when Ben was first introduced, cut to 9 months (?) later and had a little peak in to find Aaron is on the verge of going to Prison (again), Victoria’s storyline seems to exclusively revolve around the gay characters (again), Livs only two acting modes are prissy anger and disbelieving whimpering (again), Ben sort of likes Aaron but is pussyfooting around while Aaron is passive aggressive/wearingly giving in (again) and Chas and Paddy seem to devote two minutes towards worrying about Aaron before going back to their own storyline (again).

    Just give Ryan Hawley a barrel of money already.
  5. Ben only reappeared after awhile, this week.

    I'm really enjoying all the Kim stuff, and lots of little bits like Tracy's baby struggles, and Lydia being blamed for Paul's cons.
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  6. I'm worried the Luke is bisexual storyline is becoming a Luke is secretly gay all along mess...
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  7. I don't know what Meena is going to become but
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    I'm a little bit obsessed with her dd.
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  9. That old First Aid Box full of secrets...
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  10. I feel like this Liv plot has been going on for three fucking years!
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  11. Bernice's wig is absolutely awful... Mandy has been amazing recently.
    Her giving it to Liv, we love to see it.
  12. Damn, Liam looked FINE in his wedding suit.
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  13. The whole Kim faking her death story was so lame. I give it a month before Jamie is back.
  14. At this rate I’m expecting Frank and Chris to return
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  15. Not Emmerdale managing to stage the UK’s largest PRIDE event of the year (on a budget of £250.00….)
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  16. She is amazing. Patrick Bateman vibes
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  17. I'm halfway through this weeks episodes, and she is amazing
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  18. Is it wrong that I’m making a fantasy hit list for her?
    She puts Sally Spode to shame
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  19. @etienne If you're wrong for making a hit list, so am I!
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  20. 1/ Bob
    2/ Aaron

    My list
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