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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. 3. Marlon
    4. Liv
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  3. when she danced in her bedroom to Toxic my stan card was cemented
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  4. 5. Debbie
    6. Jamie
    7. Belle
    8. Amy
    9. Wendy
    10. Will
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  5. WILF can stay
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    I am so here for serial killer Meena!!
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  7. Her offering to call the police
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    Bernice's headbands - I'm hooked.
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  9. I stopped watching this months ago because I was finding it so dull. But I tuned in once I knew what was about to happen with Meena and now I'm hooked. I love a soap serial killer with audacity, and Menna has AUDACITY!!! The comforting of Liam, casually rocking up to - and sitting through - Leanna's funeral, she really doesn't care. I just love her already need her to go on a killing spree, Lindsey from Hollyoaks style.
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  10. Does Noah have any other acting abilities other than when she screws his face up trying to be moody? It's his default setting and the character has no redeeming features.
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  11. Liv and her shopping perplexes me. Forget the vodka, I swear she unloaded an empty carton of milk on her last run.
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  12. I never understand when they just chuck out an hour long episode for the hell of it, especially when nothing of note is happening.

    Give me an hour episode that is just Mina killing off all the deadwood please and thank you.
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  13. 2014

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    Diane's leaving ":(" - wish it was Marlon instead!!
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  14. Made a white Russian on the way home From the shop?

    I really hope Meena kills Victoria. I have a horrible feeling it may be Diane though if she’s leaving. Plus Diane knows about the first victim.
  15. Give Meena a gun, a gin and a week of specials I say. Amy/Matty/Marlon/Jamie can all meet their makers in a Moldava-esque massacre. They've all either displayed jaw dropping judgmental attitudes (I loathe Ethan, but why shouldn't a single guy get his rocks off with a random he's picked up from an app? It's not like Amy & Matty are a thrillingly aspirational couple to copy, but apparently they think being like them is what he needs), constant irritating stupidity (Marlon, since the year dot), Jamie is the blandest baddy to grace a screen.

    I really, really want Meena to get into cahoots with Harriet and they can exact moral retributions on those who deserve it. Such as all the above.
  16. It's the preview trailer for this month's Emmerdale. Clearly no-one told the cast all you have to do is follow your left-hand side to get out of the maze...
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