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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Mack and Charles? Did I blink? 27866F64-6779-4C5A-A201-BE3B52AA3996.png
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  2. The ending of tonight's made me choke on my brew, from both shock and laughter
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  3. 2014

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    Charles & Andrea and Victoria & David are the most off couples in soap for ages. As long as Meena lives I couldn't care less about any of the other characters 'at risk'.
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  4. Meena is a goddess

    Who’d have thought Home Farm estate is suddenly the size of Yorkshire
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  5. Meena - and the tardis like enormity of Kim’s estate - can STAY.
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  6. They need to release Meena - the movie nationwide for halloween with a sequel every year
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  7. Kim’s estate is literally a National Park. The Kimberly Dales
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  8. I keep howling during Tuesday night's at Victoria and David spending half the episode going down the same rapids from different angles....
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    Meena is a phenomenal baddie - I can't get enough!!
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  10. Manpreet is so going to be framed for skewering Andrea through the heart with a dead end sign
    Why didnt andrea just run through the crops. I mean it wasnt a wall.
    I wish Victoria had been victim #3. She’s as annoying as Mother Sarah v.2.0.
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  11. Meena and Andrea on the cliff was giving

    (Apart from the lack of a terrible wig)

    "Ow!!! That was mean!"
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  12. Meena was serving pure camp, give her every soap award running.
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  13. The love for the Meena storyline on here is... baffling.

    The writing is embarrassing, so it doesn't really give the actress a lot to work with but it also doesn't help that she's pretty much appalling.
  14. Meena standing and admiring all the chaos ensuing was a whole mood! If she's not on next year's Honour's List then really do abolish the monarchy. I think she's gonna join Rob Hawthorne, Maya Sharma and Lindsey Butterfield/Roscoe as one of my favourite soap villains.

    On the whole I thought it was a pretty good week. It was paced really well, I loved the way it was shot and liked the use of incidental music. That final shot of what was playing on the laptop makes me think that this storyline might start reaching its inclusion.
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  15. Meena gloating in the cafe as the policeman said Andrea's death was being treated as an accident.
    I do adore Manpreet, and Priya, loved the little Jamie twist yesterday, there's so many strong characters at the moment.
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  16. And Meena turning up to yet another funeral/memorial of somebody she’s killed.

    Also, bringing Kim into this storyline was a stroke of genius. I hope this is leading them going up against each other.

    I got back into the show because of Meena and I’m glad I did. It feels like it’s in a really strong place at the moment and so different to when I originally stopped watching.
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    Meenadale, let's be honest.
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  18. Kim reading Meena to filth was a great moment of camp
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  19. Meena continues to ruin the show.
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