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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I live for the fact she’s called Meena as in she’s a ‘mean’ girl.
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  2. Meena red wine - for when you could murder a drink
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  3. "Not very bright are you babes?"
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  4. I’m baffled by the geography of Emmerdale. In 2021 is it really quicker for Amy to run from the Hide to try and locate Aaron than to call say Matty, Moira et al?

    And if Meena doesn’t end up in Liam’s new gardening project - in a permanent capacity - that manure-led storyline is a waste.
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  5. Is it wishful thinking to hope that Aaron never returns?
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  7. To be honest there’s no real need for David or Victoria to ever return. Their sole storylines revolve around their partners. David’s in last chance saloon with Victoria, after that who will he go for? Kim? Tracey again? Nate? Keep Meena around I say, have her ruthlessly offing the cast until we’re down to a core group who can stay. And then aim for a crossover with EastEnders where she and Gray can have a kill off.
  8. Dear Santa

    Can Meena get rid of the insufferable Lydia next?

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  9. Dear Santa - What he said. And as I’ve been so thoughtful of others please could we add a few more names to the list. Like Noah, or Zac, or Will (the unlikely sex bomb). And bring in an LGBT character or two that’s not massively conflicted, and a bit of a laugh.
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    The way Meena is carrying this show, though it is good to see Priya prominent again.
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  11. There's only 4 days to Christmas and we still haven't got Meena's cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You....

  12. Comment pages on news sites (yeah I know) really baffle me. Everyone seems to hate Meena. Manpreet and Meena are the only reason I watch Emmerdale.
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  13. Meena deserves her own advent calendar. Open every window and she'll be there - lurking unconvincingly behind something Christmassy. Although it did make me laugh when I heard the actor saying that Meena's behaviour was going to get 'worse'. She's killed two people in the space of a year, there's really not much that can top that.
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  14. Pryia in therapy felt like an understated but important plot point for the show to address.
    I'm happy for her, Meena, Manpreet, Ellis, Dawn, Chas (always), Paddy, Al, Kim and Billy to take centre stage at xmas
    Vicki and David whomst?
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  15. The way that Lucas is a better actor than half the cast though.
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  16. Oh wow, that is not where I was expecting this story to go at all. But also not surprised that ITV is handling it poorly. Reminds me of the terrible way the situation was handled with the Neighbours cast.

    The comments on soap stories always amuse me. It's either people complaining that a storyline is going on too long. Or the usual "So much doom and gloom! Can't we have some happiness for once?"
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  17. I have a theory that Paige Sandhu realises the storyline is now bordering on bonkers and is deliberately hamming up the acting until she’s eventually found out.
    I still can’t work out if I find Meena an amazing character or the finest panto villain
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  18. I hope the writers are eating good tonight

    Hopefully they don’t take the storyline down that route cause….
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    I need a topless Will scene pronto I’ve decided.
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  20. Halloween week is over

    plus just watch marchlands he is topless in that
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