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Emmylou Harris?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Not sure she really fits in here, but does anyone like her around these parts?
  2. I like some of her stuff. The Wrecking Ball album is her masterpiece. Other songs I like (from the top of my head) are Hickory Wind, Pancho & Lefty, Bang The Drum Slowly and Love Hurts.
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  3. I always welcome country music threads. Admittedly, Emmylou is my least favourite of the Trio - I am just a bigger fan of Dolly and Linda. But I do like Emmylou. She does have a fabulous voice. A lot of her prime material was reissued with bonus tracks. I still have to check them out.
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  4. Red Dirt Girl is her masterpiece, the title song beautiful and heartbreaking.
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  5. Besides having the voice of an angel, she has a catalogue to match with its beauty. Agree with the mentions for Wrecking Ball and Red Dirt Girl, those two - along with Stumble Into Grace - were quite an amazing creative rebirth for her. After her initial success in the mid-70s, she'd become a rather forgotten figure (in the UK at least). I know Trio cleaned up Stateside, but it wasn't hugely successful here.
  6. Emmylou is actually my favourite female Country singer, closely followed by Dolly.
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  7. She's probably my favourite Country voice too. Like others have stated already, Wrecking Ball, Red Dirt Girl and Stumble Into Grace are all stunning contemporary works by her. She was awarded the annual Polar Music Prize last year along with Evelyn Glennie and it was really nice to see tribute performances from the likes of Nina Persson and First Aid Kit.

    (the Emmylou portion starts at 33 mins in)
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  8. Her ex husband and producer Brian Ahern was originally Anne Murray's producer.
  9. 70s: probably Luxury Liner and Quarter Cent Moon, though Elite Hotel's lovely as well. I think of them as a trio (excuse the pun).

    80s: I haven't delved into her 80s catalogue as deeply even though I own them all, just a few songs from each CD as I compiled a playlist from scratch. So I need to go back to White Shoes, Ballad Of Sally Rose and Thirteen and really familiarise myself with them. Warners do a couple of "Original Album Series" sets for Emmylou, which will get you 10 of her albums for less than £20, although they skip a few in the process.
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  10. I love "Pancho & Lefty. Probably my favourite Emmylou song.

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  11. Didn’t realise until today that some of her albums made their CD debut on one of these collections so have just ordered and luckily still cheapo, some of these ‘original albums’ boxsets have got pricey.
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  12. I’ve always loved Red Dirt Girl and Wrecking Ball. Listened to Stumble Into Grace for the first time tonight and am stunned. What an outstanding musician.
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  13. What a trilogy. I adore Stumble Into Grace. They all feel of a piece.
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  14. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is excellent.
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  15. Chanced upon From A Deeper Well on BBC 4 this evening, which sent me down the EH discography rabbit hole. Finally listened to Hard Bargain, and, unsurprisingly, felt the need to own it immediately. The Road, Cross Yourself, and the title track are simply wonderful. It’s such a warm record. I sincerely hope there’ll be more albums to come.
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  16. That is such a good doc. Saw a bit while sorting out the TOTP 1992s on my recorder, and wondered whether I should watch it again.
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  17. I would say absolutely, definitely. It was a joy watching greats such as Elvia Costello and Keith Richard waxing lyrical about her. Also reminded me of how much I loved Red Dirt Girl and Wrecking Ball. There’s so much grace and beauty in her music. She really is in a class of her own.
  18. Yeah, I think I went and got the deluxe of Wrecking Ball after seeing that doc the last time it was on. Her run from Wrecking Ball through to Stumble Into Grace was incredible. That was a time when I was really into Emmylou's music, and seemed to find her CDs in the collector's stores a lot (including the Portraits box).
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  19. I got a bit of a fright when I saw this thread bumped. Glad it's about a doc.

    I found the Planes, Trains and Automobiles soundtrack on cassette yesterday and was listening to it today. Love Emmylou's version of Back in Baby's Arms.

    I've never really given her discography a proper listen, which is odd because I loved Trio back in 1987 and I love both Dolly and Linda.
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