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Emotional Oranges

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, May 4, 2018.

  1. I discovered this yesterday via Twitter and I liked a lot.

    They faved my tweet.
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  2. Really liking this!
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  3. This is so dope!
    I think I prefer 'Motion' if just for how sexy it is.
  4. Both songs are great, nice vibes .
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  5. The 'Motion' video slipped me by.
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  6. Obsessed now. I sent them a pm and they replied with some teasers. Shook.

    They are not doing interviews this year, playing with some mistery.
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  7. 10/10
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  8. They emailed me last night about this track and I’m just so glad that they’re three for three on solid GREAT tracks.
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  9. Hold You Back is so bloody good!
  10. I got tickets to see these at their London show at XOYO but so far nothing has matched ‘Motion’ for me. They released their first full length project today..
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  11. Unless You’re Drowning, holy shit
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  12. Amazing EP, they're just great.
  13. Selling two tickets for their London gig if anyone is interested! So annoyed I can’t make it.
  14. I adore their vibe and the EP, but I'm getting major "industry plant" vibes. But perhaps that's just cause they're really really good?
  15. What is an "industry plant"?
  16. An act that pretends to be indie but actually has hidden major label/industry support. I’m not claiming that’s their story - I’m a fan - it just feels that way to me!
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  18. Really liking The Juice Vol. II. I think they’re my favourite discovery of 2019.
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