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Empress Of - Save Me EP (June 24)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Only getting to hear this now and WHAT A TRACK.

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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why is she so intent on repeatedly stamping on my neck.
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  4. Dance For You is great although I think I prefer Save Me, but by a slim margin.
  5. Another 10/10. This is shaping up very nicely!
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  6. This is excellent. So much feeing in that vocal for what could easily have been just a throwaway bop!
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  7. cpr


    She’s announced an EP out on June 24th. Ready for more bops!
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  8. Track listing is
    01 Save Me
    02 Dance for You
    03 Turn the Table (with Jim-E Stack)
    04 Kept Up
    05 Cry for Help

    Video for the single

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  9. 2014

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    FUCK what a bop.
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  10. Honestly WIG

    She just doesn’t miss at the moment
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  11. Bop. Can't wait for the EP.
  12. 'Dance for You' is another win for me, I can't wait for this project! It's all very glossy and gorgeous.
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  13. The recent singles had me revisiting I’m Your Empress Of again and wow, what a moment. As good as it ever was, if not more.
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  14. Single of the Year
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  15. I'm two years late, but this remix slaps -

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  16. She kinda fell off my radar but I went back to I’m Your Empress Of recently and then found the new tracks…whew! Dance For You is gorgeous oh my god. Save Me is also so good. Why an EP give us an album!
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