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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BachelorNo2, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. It's a brilliant album from start to finish. Even Falling In Love and Number One Man, probably my two least favourites, are lyrically strong enough to overcome being a bit too syrupy.
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  2. Has anyone heard this outtake "I Love You More" from the Masterpiece Theatre, its too bad they couldn't get the clearance for the godfather sample. It would've fitted nicely between "Love U Crazay" & "Sad But True".
  3. I like this a lot.
  4. Here's a lil compilation video i put together of Cindy hitting her High Note in Don't Let Go over the years, her voice has always been so consistent which attempts do you like best?
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  5. But En Vogue all sang.
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  7. My god, I have never heard the Stargate mix of Riddle. I am in love.
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  8. Hey there popjusticer's En Vogue just announced their European Tour (lucky ducks lol) here are the dates who going
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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    They're excellent live and I'm glad they're still making money from touring.

    Will the album finally be out before the tour this time, though?


    (Also, mess at them using the American date format to announce European tour dates. At first I was wondering why they were only doing one concert a month.)
  10. Actually they announced when they released their single "Rocket" (which is also getting music video) the album will be released March 30 of this year so they will be touring off the back of the album. So I'm excites 2018 is definitely the year for En Vogue.
    Here's lil BTS clip of them filming the Rocket video
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The new album still isn't up for pre-order in the UK, though - no sign of it on their website or on Amazon or iTunes. I want to believe in that March release date but they need to push it a bit harder in Europe if they want to build up the hype ahead of their tour.
  12. I agree i still.hold out hope the album being released this year, hopefullt they have it for pre-order soon thet should've did it when they dropped Rocket
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  13. No shade to this line-up because I am sure they are fantastic but oh how I wish I had seen the original 4 when they toured in the UK a few years ago.
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  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    (And for the record, this lineup is fantastic live. I saw them on the last tour and the vocals and performance quality were through the roof. It's just a shame I haven't really liked any of their singles.)
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  15. Can we just take time to appreciate how lovely the ladies look in their new promo pic though
  16. Living for Rhona's LEGO cut.
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  17. One of the best concerts I e ever been to. So glad we went as it’s highly unlikely to ever happen again.
  18. Currently vibing to this Jazz remix of Give It Up. Turn It Loose
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  19. The girls released a video of Have A Seat using BTS footage from their gig RNB Fridays when they were in Australia
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