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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BachelorNo2, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. The ladies have unveiled the album cover for Electric Cafe and it is now available for pre-order

    Not gonna lie I'm a lil disapponted with the cover (not sure what was expecting) but the ladies look lovely on it (except for Terry's grandma dress). I hope its a solid album.
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  2. It looks like a flyer for an R&B night at a provincial night club.
    Praying it’s not the finished product because everything else up to this point has exceeded expectations.
  3. This isn't really En Vogue though, is it.
    Get back together and have Rhona open for them singing Satisfied x 7 times.
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  4. londonrain

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    It really does. Then again, I’m more concerned that they have only just put this up for pre-order.

    I see Rhona is persisting with this wig era...
  5. I didn’t really appreciate them back in the day but now I realise some of their songs stand up quite well.
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  6. Love this performance of TGTL, this should've been a bigger hit for them
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    londonrain Staff Member

    Wow. I really wish Too Gone, Too Long had been a smash. It is easily one of my favourite En Vogue songs.
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  8. Losing a member straight after Don't Let Go, their biggest hit was such a bad situation. They had great buzz and build up and then Whatever came and was okay, Too Gone struggled... a shame. The album was recorded and rerecorded again to replaces Dawn's vocals, no?
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  9. It was. Which probably led to more of the hype dying down from Don't Let Go as it must have delayed the album release date.
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  10. Don’t Let Go was the surprise hit of that season. Everyone loves the song and what they wore in the video.
  11. I don’t know if they actually went back into the studio or they just used alternate takes from the original sessions. Dawn still has some lead vocals on EV3, which is just bizarre.
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  12. Come and stan En Vogue here
  13. Dawn's departure must have derailed the plans around the EV3 album somewhat, but looking at the release dates, there's only 5 months between the release of 'Don't Let Go' and 'Whatever' - a bit longer than usual perhaps, but not enough in itself to kill off the momentum, particularly as 'Don't Let Go' was from a film rather than marketed as the first single from the forthcoming album.

    The bigger problem I suspect was that 'Whatever' wasn't strong enough to be a new 'lead' single for the album (even if some of the remixes were pretty good). They'd generally only managed one smash per album ('Hold On' and 'My Lovin') up to then anyway, so maybe they'd used that up already on 'Don't Let Go'.
  14. Really? I thought there was a much bigger gap.
  15. No it was November to May or something.
  16. Also yeah Whatever was weak but remixes were fya

    Should have been the radio mix.
  17. How weird, I thought Don't Let Go/Dawn leaving was in 1994, not '96. Flop fan.
  18. In your defence you were, what, 3 back then?
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  19. I was 11 in '96 but thanks for the thought.
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