En Vogue


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That's what I meant, I didn't see it on iTunes or Spotify.
My favourites so far are Love The Way and Electric Café.

Has anyone heard the Target bonus track they’re referring to here?

Electric Cafe is also an instant fave. Another big ones for me are Blue Skies and Ocean's Deep. But I can definitely see some growers on there too.

No idea about that TargetBonus (hoping MediaMarkt has the same one as that sometimes happens)
I've been listening to this loads over the last couple of days. "Electric Cafe" is a really STRONG album. It's growing on me with every listen.

I like that the album album takes you on a sonic journey - and it somehow moulds together really well - from R&B, to dance and then soul. "Rocket", "Reach 4 Me" (hopefully single 2), "Electric Cafe", "Blue Skies", "Life", "Love The Way", "Oceans Deep" & "I'm Good" are my highlights!

Excited to see them for the third time on Tuesday - they seem to come here every year now and I'm definitely not complaining about that.
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I wish that was always the case, but sadly it seems this new En Vogue album is going to flop hard. :-(

I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll at least have a decent debut position.

I’m just glad it’s a good album with decent production and songs. I expect the gap between their last album and this killed any commercial momentum plus of course the revolving door members resulting in a very messy split. I do like the trio with Rhona though. And they sound great. Equally had Maxine and Dawn continued as a duo or a new group as planned I’d support them too as each of the original members brought something special to the mix.

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First few songs I wasn't feeling it but then after every song seemed to get better and better.


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First few songs I wasn't feeling it but then after every song seemed to get better and better.
All the singles have been growers for me so far. I didn't like any of them at first and now I like all of them (particularly Rocket). That definitely prepared me for this album, which has clicked with me a lot faster because I wasn't expecting it to sound like Masterpiece Theatre or EV3.
How would everyone rank their albums?

This is my ranking for the time being:

1. Masterpiece Theatre
2. Funky Divas
3. Electric Cafe
4. EV3
5. Born To Sing
6. Soul Flower
7. The Gift Of Christmas

Very close between #3 and #4 for me. Right now my excitement for a new En Vogue album puts Electric Cafe ahead, but I suspect on some days I'll prefer EV3 if I want something more laid-back.

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Opening with Blue Skies doesn't really work for me. I find it a big of a slog to get through and think it would have worked better placed later on in the record.

Opening the album from Deja Vu onwards would be much better or even moving I'm Good up to track 01 would be an amazing opening.