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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BachelorNo2, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. 1. 'Funky Divas'
    2. 'EV3'
    3. 'Born To Sing'
    4. 'Masterpiece Theater'
    everything else.
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  2. I saw this by accident while browsing amazon just now, had zero idea that EV were back. I always liked them more than any of their contemporaries somehow.

    Meanwhile, I await Kraftwerk's comeback opus, "Funky Divas". Due soon.
  3. I know this is a very shallow thing to focus on, but bloody hell Cindy Herron is 56! What a goddess!
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  4. Did anyone go to the London show at The IndigO2 tonight? Third year I've seen them in a row and they blew the roof off. From "Electric Cafe", they did "I'm Good", "Reach 4 Me", "Blue Skies" and "Rocket". What an awesome show!!
  5. I was at their Manchester show last weekend and yeah they were amazing! I'm glad that they replaced their usual Old Skool medley with the new songs. If only they had performed a couple of tracks from Masterpiece Theatre (namely No No No & Riddle) the setlist would have been perfect. I loved hearing Reach 4 Me and Blue Skies live. I hope one of those is the next single!
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  6. pdf


    I felt the response to the new songs was muted (to say the least) but they were clearly enjoying themselves and they really sang the roof off.
    (oh and o2 indigo is a great little venue)
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  7. It was the same in Manchester. I think quite often the majority of people who go to these shows are casual R&B fans who are really only there for the classic hits, so new music isn't always given a warm reception. It really annoyed me when people started talking or making their way to the bar when the ladies were performing the new songs. So rude!!!
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  8. My personal favs from Electric Cafe:

    • Blue Skies (for Terry’s increcible soprano staccati at the end)
    • Deja Vu (the bridge is amazing but the rest of the song is ok)
      - Rocket (standout sexy bop!)
      - Reach 4 Me (love this!)
    • Life
      - Oceans Deep (disco BOOPPP)
      - Have A Seat (vocal slayage)
  9. Blue Skies still feels too long for me and it's my least favourite.
  10. The album being this good has me completely obsessed again by there back catalogue.

  11. Would love to see them perform this again I know Terry could still hit this note
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  12. This tour is so cheap looking it's sad. No band, no name on backdrop just them singing over backing tracks.
  13. pdf


    An alternative view would be: the lack of frills means you can concentrate on their magnificent voices.
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  14. I'm aware of that, Ive been to plenty of man or woman with their guitar gigs and enjoyed them. This was just somewhat depressing to see in a venue less than a 3rd full. Great voices but it felt a bit lacklustre.
  15. Tour was too soon since the last one and let's be honest, people see 3 girls and probably stay away.
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The last one was pretty well-attended, so I don’t think it’s the three-girl thing (especially since they’ve been a trio for over twenty years, barring that brief reunion in 2010).

    Two tours in two years, on the other hand... that definitely takes a toll on sales unless you’re touring for two different big albums in that time.
  17. Electric Cafe limps into the UK Official Independent Albums chart at #47. Surely 25 copies sold at least? Yikes.
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  18. Yes but the songs people know and love had 4 ladies. It's like Bananarama, two doesn't work.
  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    My point was that I went last year in London and it seemed to be sold out, so it’s not like people are avoiding them because of the lineup.
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  20. Ah yes. I'm talking in general.
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