En Vogue

Did they ever release this version of Free Your Mind? I feel like it didn’t get the attention it deserved considering it was a collaboration with two of the hottest shows at that time

Never even knew this version existed! All those lyric changes, it’s a shame they didn’t change the chorus to the original quote “Free your mind and your ass will follow”.

Also, found out about this version:

They’re a five piece now! Maxine, Dawn, Cindy, Terry and Rhona. They’re rehearsing something that Rhona has been tweeting about. I’m probably the only one disappointed. The 3 piece has now released two great albums and had such good chemistry. I didn’t care for EV4 during their last reunion. I will say I’m happy they didn’t dump Rhona like they did last time.



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This is very unexpected, but awesome! I hope they can make it work. Maxine looks like she’s in a much healthier place than she was the last time they had a reunion. The possibility of them moving forward as a five piece rather than trying to recreate the past is rather exciting.


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Stunners. (I know the first video has been posted already, but I'm posting this for the other ones in the set.)

"founding En Vogue members and Rhona"