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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by BachelorNo2, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. I don’t think she has much going on to be honest. She just seems to post inspirational quotes on twitter.
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  2. Did they ever release this version of Free Your Mind? I feel like it didn’t get the attention it deserved considering it was a collaboration with two of the hottest shows at that time
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  3. Never even knew this version existed! All those lyric changes, it’s a shame they didn’t change the chorus to the original quote “Free your mind and your ass will follow”.

    Also, found out about this version:

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  4. They’re a five piece now! Maxine, Dawn, Cindy, Terry and Rhona. They’re rehearsing something that Rhona has been tweeting about. I’m probably the only one disappointed. The 3 piece has now released two great albums and had such good chemistry. I didn’t care for EV4 during their last reunion. I will say I’m happy they didn’t dump Rhona like they did last time.


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  5. Oh wow, that’s amazing!
    Dawn is the pulse of En Vogue so I hope she stays committed to the group this time. And Rhona has put in her time over the years so I’m glad she gets to stay on too.
  6. This is very unexpected, but awesome! I hope they can make it work. Maxine looks like she’s in a much healthier place than she was the last time they had a reunion. The possibility of them moving forward as a five piece rather than trying to recreate the past is rather exciting.
  7. This.is.eveything.

    All 4 original ladies are so talented and Rhona has more than justified her place as a permanent member.

    Let's hope they can move forward properly this time leaving the drama at the door.
  8. They all look fabulous and I'm happy to see Dawn & Maxine back, can't wait to see what they have in store
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  9. A little bit of Free Your Mind and My Lovin

  10. How exciting. I wonder if Rhona will just be relegated to backing vocals when they perform the classic hits.
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    Stunners. (I know the first video has been posted already, but I'm posting this for the other ones in the set.)

    "founding En Vogue members and Rhona"
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  12. Cindy is so beautiful, my fave!
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  13. This is amazing. I wonder if Amanda Cole got an invite? Probably not!

    I would love an album with all 5.
  14. Jesus Christ, if they record with Dawn I’ll jump for joy!!!!
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    londonrain Staff Member

  16. Most likely so even though I wouldn't mind if Max & Rho trade off at times on certain parts especially on FYM they can easily incorporate Rhona into.the song
  17. This is the best news ever, they should be doing Glastonbury, Coachella, LOVEBOX, the lot.
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  18. Um, so are they back together or is this a one-off???
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  19. Rhona said it was a one off, but "who knows what the future will bring."
  20. I’m Going with:

    one off thing
    New album as a 5
    Goodbye tour and album
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