En Vogue

When they announced it as En Vogue and it was just Cindy, Terry, and Rhona I let out a big “Ooph”. I know it’s technically correct and I support it but all I could think about was how Dawn must’ve flipped her shit. So glad Rhona got an adlib though!

And then Salt-N-Pepa without Spinderella... that just left me feeling sad. She didn’t deserve to be treated that way.
I have to agree. I can see why now the girl and all had to get rid of Dawn. She creates too many issues, but she also has had good points in the past too.

Very happy for Maxine to return but.
I wonder if they're working on a new album. I know they plan to resume their touring soon, but I don't want another 10+ years between albums. I thought Electric Cafe was fine, but I think now that they've been in and out of the studio that they could really knock it out of the park next time. They also need to go back to the traditional En Vogue route of releasing an uptempo as the lead single. Don't Let Go is iconic, but most of the big hits are uptempo.
Dawn is so cringe. That said, this interview from last year, in which she spills the tea on Luther Vandross'... very particular sensibilities is a treat.