En Vogue

Been revisiting En Vogue quite a bit lately, as I think it's only now that I truly appreciate the brilliance of Let It Flow.

It's such a shame the original line-up can't get their act together and deliver another album - their nineties stuff has aged very well.
It’s just the 3 girls on the show. I think all ties have severed with Dawn for good after all her videos last few years about the group. As well as Dawn and Maxine’s relationship has also severed too (apparently Dawn still had hard feelings for how Maxine never sided with her and both decided the friendship was too fractured).

The girls so far are amazing on the show. The costumes, moves , and song choices are ace.
Good as Hell was a Cindy solo and I Say A Little Prayer was a duet with Rhona and Terry, with Rhona doing the adlibs. They sound AMAZING! En Vogue deserves the world. It's crazy that Terry and Cindy are almost 60 and can still perform at the level they do. They should be held up as the best of the best.
As many have guessed The Queen Cobras are En Vogue, Leave The Door open was a poor song choice tho, I wish they had done Whitney's Queen of The Night

They just did an interview on the Beyond the Velvet Rope podcast and said they've recorded one song for their next album and plan to get back into the studio soon! I hope they can finish this fairly quickly because I'm beyond ready for another album. I hope they can launch it the first quarter of 2023.
I noticed that Dawn has deleted all of the conspiracy theory stuff from her Instagram and she’s just posting En Vogue and Lucy Pearl stuff. I stopped following her ages ago but I still like to check in now and again just for the drama really.
Hopefully she came to her senses of her own accord and not because she or a loved one caught Covid.