En Vogue

I noticed that Dawn has deleted all of the conspiracy theory stuff from her Instagram and she’s just posting En Vogue and Lucy Pearl stuff. I stopped following her ages ago but I still like to check in now and again just for the drama really.
Hopefully she came to her senses of her own accord and not because she or a loved one caught Covid.

Apparently her page has been hacked...
I used to talk to Dawn, and she always liked my posts. There was never ever disrespect or 'crazy fan attitude from me', and then I woke up and she blocked me. I still don't know what the issue was, and all I could think of was that Maxine follows me or I follow EnVogue. All a shame as I always celebrated her as a past member.
Was watching a Free Your Mind totp performance with my jaw about to snap off earlier. I put it down to sexism and ageism that they were so criminally overlooked and written off when Masterpiece Theatre came out as they ran circles around the rest (and still haven't been caught).
So according to En Vogue Craze Podcast, En Vogue has signed on with Fox for a biopic mini-series

According to an insider the project is still in the very early stages of development, alot of interviews are being done and says all parties are involved i'm assuming that mean all five ladies are involved hopefully.

Its strange to me they went with Fox rather than BET but I'm glad its not Lifetime or Tvone. I really do hope this comes to fruition they deserve a proper biopic. I hope they decide to be honest tell the good, bad and down right ugly and I hope Dawn doesn't find a way to make a mess of this. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Max has released her new single featuring Big Freedia called "Not Your Freak".

Its too much of a racket going on in the song. Max is completely swallowed by the production. I can barely make out what she's saying. The beat does sound boppish tho
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