En Vogue

vasilios said:
None of the latest dates suited me. Are there more? Do you have a list?

No more for Europe at this time, Dawn has added another date on facebook for Brooks CA 13/11/10.

I guess they have gone back to finish up the reunion tour in America for the time being.
Confusing about the deal business Jay...it will be a big big shame if Dawn doesn't record the album with them....perhaps she is fulfilling gig obligations? Christ, that woman is picky, and it's understandable considering how much of a shafting they took back in the day in terms of business and money.

Just watched all the vids from London, gotta be fair that Dawn is fucking phenomenal...I dont think there has been any sort of deterioration of her voice at all in 20 years. When she left back in 96/97 she should have rightfully been a massive solo success. Nevermind though. I like all four of them together. Just hope it stays that way.
The deal seemed to of split the group in two, yet again Terry & Cindy on one side, Dawn & Max on the other, Dawn backed out, Max decided to go along with it, the three of them signed hoping Dawn would, then Foster & McElroy also backed out of the deal & now nobody knows what the hell is going on.

Foster & McElroy have actually criticized the deal & have said that RuffTown records were doing shady business (whatever that means).

It's a mess as usual with them, I hope they get it together, it's just not right without all four of them, I do fear though that without Dawn, they will get no attention for this new album & it will go down the pan like the last two have. It's not because it's Dawn that I say this, but because it wont be all four of the original girls.

I agree though Joe, Dawn's voice is just incredible, it has actually gotten better with age, but I have to say on the night Maxine totally owned that stage, she upstaged all the other girls in both performance & vocals, such an underrated member I feel.

Original Lineup

Third Lineup:

Fifth Lineup:

Fourth and Current Lineup:

Of course I'm probably off on those lineups as they had so many with people being swapped in and out and the original lineup reuniting endless times. I know at one point it was Rhona, Maxine and Terry, which I hated. Overall I'd say my favorite lineups are the original and then Terry/Rhona/Cindy.

All in all they are a very solid group. I think after EV3 their musical direction wasn't as experimental as it needed to be for them to remain on top. They became a bit mumsy in sound. I did love the Sunflower album though. I feel Rhona was wronged and once she joined the group should've always remained a member. She is my favorite member next to Dawn. They needed her as Terry, Maxie and Cindy just aren't meant to be the lead. That's why I was never big on EV3.
En Vogue will always be the original quartet for me. It was those four women who had the biggest success. It was deceiving when I saw them at Toronto Pride last year and I only recognized two of the members.

It's a shame they cannot iron out their problems. In their heyday, they were amazing.
EV1 - Cindy/Maxine/Terry/Dawn - Born To Sing, Funky Divas, Runaway Love
EV2 - Cindy/Maxine/Terry - EV3, Masterpiece Theatre
EV3 - Cindy/Terry/Amanda - The Gift of Christmas
EV4 Cindy/Terry.Rhonda
EV4.5 Terry/Rhonda/Maxine (Cindy = mat leave)
EV4 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona - Soul Flower
EV5 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona/Maxine
EV1 - Cindy/Terry/Maxine/Dawn
EV5 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona/Maxine
EV1 - Cindy/Terry/Maxine/Dawn
EV4 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona
EV5 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona/Maxine
EV4 - Cindy/Terry/Rhona - this line up win court case for name (EV6 Dawn/Maxine, EV6.5 aka EN Vogue to the Max = Maxine/some other women)

Terry Ellis is the only continuous member
What are yalls favorite songs? Out of the classics my absolute favorites are Free Your Mind and Giving Him Something He Can Feel. Don't Let Go is one of my favorite songs, period. I feel that is in the Top 3 for girl group ballads. For the more "rare" stuff, I LURVE Whatever. That is Cindy's best lead vocal. I find her voice kinda annoying at times, ESPECIALLY now that they have her massacre Don't Let Go (which Rhona should sing lead on). I go back and forth on Riddle and most of Sunflower is great, but those singles are sparkling. I hate that they don't have videos!

They look so good as a trio here.
they / them
What are yalls favorite songs?

I think the whole of Funky Divas is pretty much perfect, but I'd single out My Lovin' as it was the first song of theirs I heard and fell in love with.

What's crazy is that Masterpiece Theatre, which really on some level ought to be the work of a group past their prime, is almost as amazing.