En Vogue

They were great but it's a shame that their reunion attempts have always faltered. It's all about the original line up, EV2 and EV4 for me.
I watched Dawn Robinson on R&B Divas: Los Angeles last year, and she came across as a flake and very unreliable. She's still dealing with emotional and personal issues in her life, like her past abusive marriage and struggles to have children.

En Vogue make me so mad! They released two big selling and critically acclaimed albums back to back and then they came back with Don't Let Go (love) which was an instant classic. They had the world at their feet and could have gone on to become RnB legends. Instead their management and record company allowed money squabbles, jealousy and paranoia to destroy the group. Ditto for the reunion a few years ago.
What's crazy is that Masterpiece Theatre, which really on some level ought to be the work of a group past their prime, is almost as amazing.
Masterpiece Theatre is amazing, full stop. One of my favourite albums ever.

"He asked you out to see a show,
Then lost his wallet, how he doesn't know
He asked you if you'll pay the bill
He'll pay you back - oh yeah, I bet he will!
(I bet he will!)
I bet he won't
He'll probably use it for a bag of smoke
(A bag of smoke?)
You know the kind,
That makes you tipsy like a booooooooooottle oooooooooof wiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"

When it comes to their reunion, I think it was a mistake ever letting Dawn back into the group. I adore Dawn and think she has the vocals and the star power to be the lead for the group, but the personality conflicts are too strong to bother with. If they wanted to keep things as a four-piece they could've kept the Cindy/Rhona/Maxine/Terry lineup. I'm pretty sure Maxine getting exiled was probably due to Dawn getting in her head. Groups have lineup changes, but their problem is that they didn't commit to it.

Even had Dawn stayed, I do wonder if EV3 would've done much better. I don't mind it as just an album, but for En Vogue it felt like a step back. Funky Divas was so diverse and then Don't Let Go was far from your typical pop/r&b ballad, but then I felt EV3 was pretty much chasing the trends and offered nothing uniquely En Vogue. I also don't think that combination of 3 worked because you lacked a proper lead singer. They all have big voices, but I never took Terry, Maxine or Cindy as the proper lead. Hell, even now with Rhona she's the new girl and they instantly made her the lead singer, even though she replaced Maxine who typically had the least vocals.

It would be like if Beyonce left Destiny's Child and was replaced with Keri Hilson. That just wouldn't work.
Woooow. This is bad. Really bad. En Vogue To the Max (Maxine and two randoms):


That is PAINFUL. Where did Maxine find them?! Not only that, but they do the majority of the vocals which just makes her look bad IMO. Geez. I can't believe this is real. I hope Maxine has retired this group by now.
I really wish I hadn't clicked play on that, it was actually painful to watch. The one on the left should really have tried to get some of Janelle Monae's talent while she was raiding her dressing-up box. And I know the one on the right was required to sing 'I wear tight clothing' but she might well have been advised to go up a size on this occasion.

The fact that the original group's background vocals are playing doesn't help either.
Maxine thinks this hot mess is better than working with Terry and Cindy? I'd too be embarrassed to try and pass THAT off as En Vogue.
So as I was watching the new Aaliyah biopic movie, during the commercial break I noticed that En Vogue have a new Christmas movie on Lifetime called "An En Vogue Christmas". It premieres on November 22nd, and the promo features original members Terry and Cindy, and also includes Rhona Bennett.


Meanwhile, Maxine did a new interview blasting Terry and Cindy for excluding her from the group (and her rights to the band name). She also calls Dawn "looney", and explains the "En Vougue to the Max" situation in detail. I feel sorry for her.

It's The Mighty Hoop-la Weekend with Sink The Pink and Guilty Pleasures.

There's loads of great people on. Hercules and Love Affair, Sister Sledge, Horse Meat Disco and a 90's rave with Rozalla, Baby D & Corona.

I was going to go but the Oscars are on tomorrow and I had to get my priorities right.

It's going to be glorious.
Will anyone performing be the original line-up? Will Kathy Sledge be in Sister Sledge? Will Corona be Olga miming or worse singing? It wouldn't surprise me if Rozalla has a stand-in...
I don't begrudge them earning a living, it's just really depressing. It was only just over ten years ago that the full line up had reunited, signed to the same managment company as Britney and Jennifer Lopez and they were recording with Stevie Wonder.
And now Butlins.
@backstreetjoe went, maybe he can update us?
Well..... They were excellent. Cindy and Terry were in fine voice and looked amazing. The new singer is great too. Really good band. I suspect the set will be the same for London so I won't spoil it. The only song they struggled with was Whatta Man - the rest were awesome and they did a covers section in the middle which will please you all! Crowd really into it and the ladies themselves seemed to be enjoying it. They drew a decent crowd.