En Vogue

I saw all four together when they played in London a few years back. They were amazing.

Doubt that will happen again so really glad I went when I did.

It does really annoy me when bands won't just put their differences to one side for the fans. It's a job. You don't have to like each other just be professional get on with it, get paid, go home. Most importantly give the people who made you successful in the first place what they want to see and send them off with a smile on their faces.

In 2017 it's 40 years since Tbe Supremes split up. Ever year I pray that Mary will make those calls (And I don't even care is Diana is involved or not).
Excuse my ignorance but… those new pictures…. I don't recognise any of them. Are any original members? I think the one on the far left is original and maybe the one in the middle has had too much work done for me to recognise her?
They should deffo be a quartet.

Should get Amel Larrieux, Cherokee, Adina Howard, Chante Moore, Michel'le, Blu Cantrell, Sunshine Anderson, Chante Savage, Truth Hurts, Jaguar Wright, Tweet or some such fearsome old Skool diva to join.
I went to see En Vogue last night at KOKO for the second time as a three piece. They're currently on a European tour. They also played the IndigO2 last year and got a 5* review in The Guardian - that was a great show.

It was Cindy, Terry and Rhona again and they were really amazing! Looks like this line-up is going to stick. They have a new album, "Electric Cafe" out in August and they have signed to eOne Music (one of the biggest indies in America).

The crowd were on great form (I think it was pretty much sold out) and the girls were truly awesome - their vocals are incredible. As much as I love the original line up (I wish I lived in London when they played in 2010), I love Rhona in this group! I think the setlist was this.
Thought about going to this but was lucky enough to see EV1 back in the day so seemed a bit pointless.

Glad the show was great.
Did they perform the new single I can't find a link but they were getting a lot of praise on Twitter whatever it was they did