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Entire Pet Shop Boys movie on Google Video

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by strange_spiral, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. It Couldn't Happen Here

    Seems to have been there for a couple of months, maybe Neil and Chris aren't that bothered.

    It's kind of worse and better than I remember it. Neil looks gorgeous in it anyway.
  2. Neil is wearing a wig, though I can't remember anyone ever mentioning it, his hair suddenly looked more luxuriant. I've still got the film on video but haven't watched it for years. I saw it at the cinema TWICE.
  3. I loved the Pet Shop Boys film. I've watched it many times on video. I want a DVD release!
  4. WHAT?!!

    I am sure it is not a wig. I had a wall covered in PSB posters back then, and he went through an extended phase of having quite full, floppyish curls (with short back and sides thank god). So I'm sure it's not a wig.

    His hair has a "leaner" style these days, but twenty years ago it was almost certainly naturally more luxuriant.
  5. I too had my bedroom covered in PSB posters and kept a close eye on the 'do of Mr Tennant, but he was balding a bit then, I think No.1 magazine took the piss once or twice. But he had all this hair in the film. I may be wrong, but that's how it seemed to me.
  6. nathanjay

    nathanjay Guest

    it might have been a bit rubbish, but it inspired a few long running jokes with me & friends...'its only a laugh, no harm done' and some others I cant remember...something to do with the car salesman & Token Bingo I think.

    Its better on drugs.
  7. "Token Bingo, play it now!" Genius.

    Gareth 'Only a laugh, no 'arm done!' Hunt is dead! I can't believe it. God, that was him, wasn't it?! "Bloody politicians!"

    And Barbara Windsor having the full English thrown over her. What many people wouldn't pay to do that now...

    I think the film is a rather fantastic extended pop promo. I don't think it quite fits the regular description of a film, though. Not to say that's a necessarily a bad thing, mind.
  8. Awww. I have this film on video and haven't watched it for ages too. Awww.
    Wishing I was young again. I always thought Neil was lovely in this film. And Chris. Not Barbara though.
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