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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sadexo, Dec 31, 2017.


    Imagine being paranoid about a big presentation you have in the morning. Keeping you awake all night long, you go on your playlist shuffling to find songs. You search through many artist. You then flick at one particular song, “A Day Without Rain”(Great instrumental even though the album is redundant). The mesmerizing over dubbed vocals sarinate your whole body. Enya’s breathy mezzo soprano vocals ease you when your stressed or worried.

    Her last album The Dark Sky Island is great! Will she make another one? Or would she just chill with her kitties?
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  2. I love Enya. Great chill music. In answer to your question looking at the time between releases I don't think we shall see another album until I am at least 50 which means another 2 and half years at least. They used to be every 4-5 years before the major gap of 7 years between And Winter Came - Dark Island.
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  3. I love Enya as well. And wow, I’m only 17 I guess I’ll wait it out until I’m 19/20. Her music truthfully speaks to me and calms my mood.
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  4. Interesting that you are commenting on an Enya thread with your avatar because I was just thinking that both Enya and Sade are two artists who can go years (decades!) without releasing albums and they will still sell big without little promo. They both have loyal fan bases.
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  5. Yep, about 5 more years to go until the next album! They'll probably chuck out another compilation before that.
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  6. On “Dark Sky Island” she seemed more replenished than on a couple of previous albums (that were already quite good), however (for me) there was some kind of organic, pagan element to “Watermark” - which she has never quite fully been able to successfully recapture since - though I have long waited for her to get back to that rudiment.
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  7. The Humming and Echoes in Rain were such Enya "bangers" from 'Dark Sky Island', I love how the vocal production on Echoes builds every second couplet so it sounds progressively more symphonic.
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  8. Ray


    During initial interviews for Dark Sky Island she was very uncomfortable when asked about live performances and said "they're probably going to make me". Well, not yet. (I love her to pieces but can't imagine her performing live unless there's a choir of 100 people with her and all have identical voices as hers.)
  9. Nice try, Enya, nice try
  10. Could someone help ?
    Just discovered the two pressing of Shepherd Moons, but I don't know which one I have... 9031-75572-2 is the first pressing or the other one ? The official site doesn't seem of much help!
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    If your "Book of Days" is fully in English, that's second pressing. First one has verses in Gaelic.
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  12. Thank you, @Ray !
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  13. Thank you, @Ray !
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  14. Those 2009 Japanese ‘SHM’ CDs sound cinematic - I feel I am in an episode of Game Of Thrones.

    Memory Of Trees in particular sounds amazing.
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  15. Are they worth it? If I remember correctly they are super expensive on ebay.
  16. Luckily I got them when they came out, they are crazy expensive now so probably not worth it. All her CDs sound amazing on a decent system.

    Just playing Cursum Perficio now.....sounds like an invasion!
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  17. Aw, I thought this had been bumped because of a new album dddd.
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    Me too. A few more years, I guess.
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  19. Castles don't repair themselves.
  20. Favourite Enya albums? I've only ever heard 2 or 3.
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